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Zoe-Nutrition for life my weightloss secret

Most of you are already aware of my struggle with my weight. If you are not, let me introduce myself to you. I am a mother of two. After my first pregnancy, I got back into shape quite easily. After my second pregnancy, it took me a long time (read not yet) to get back into shape. The struggle to lose weight is real when you have two kids, a blog and a house that refuses to take care of itself. This was before Zoe-Nutrition for life

To keep the momentum of my weight loss going, a close friend of mine recommended I start the Zoe -Nutrition for life weekly one-day detox plan.

Zoe-Nutrition for life

When I googled the Zoe meaning, I came across it as a word in Greek signifying “life”. This brand primarily is a nutrition-first food and beverages focused brand. They have dedicated a lot of research and timing to curate a box of detox solutions. They not only help to lose weight but help to build immunity and improve overall health and well-being.

Developed by a team of nutritionists, they are committed to providing healthy while still being tasty detox options at your convenience.

Zoe-Nutrition for life- One-month detox weight loss program

Well thanks to her, on a high I subscribed to this program. I received my box. The box had  4 detox kits along with a diet chart. Their plan was designed towards weight loss, immunity and metabolism-boosting, all the while it would flush out toxins. All that was needed to be done was detox once a week for 4 weeks.


So when I opened the box, it had


  • 1 Instant Glow 100% certified organic Face Mask- I love the fact that they care about my skin also
  • 4 teas to improve metabolism and speed up the process for fat burn
  • 2 natural soups which are preservative-free, nutritious, low cal and yum.
  • 4 natural juices that will be giving me all the micro and macronutrients I need
  • 1 pack of muesli (My fav!!) which will be had with  milk/yoghurt for breakfast


The manner to proceed with Zoe-Nutrition for life- One-month detox weight loss program


Every week I had to open one kit. Where the detox day required me to consume 12 items in 12 hours. I followed their schedule mentioned on the pack. It did require a little effort of boiling water every two hours. Even though this detox plan didn’t need exercise or diet to be successful, they did attach a 28-day diet plan to compound the efforts.

My experience of Zoe-Nutrition for life- One-month detox weight loss program

Well, the first day I really felt pampered. The face pack was rehydrating and left my skin soft and supple. Going on to have the drinks from detox sachet and various forms of green tea, left me quite hydrated inside as well. This was something I wasn’t expecting.  The soup was quite tasty. I had thought packaged soup would taste bland, but surprise surprise, this was yum.

Continued this for 3 more weeks. Didn’t feel weak or fatigued at any time. Maybe because I was always able to spend a day fasting with ease. Having said that, the soup was quite nourishing.

Guess my results after using Zoe-Nutrition for life !!!!!!

I lost 4 kgs on my scale and am still rubbing my eye in disbelief. I feel lighter and more motivated now to work out and shed more weight.

My only pro tip would be to drink a lot of water on detox days. They help fight dehydration, cravings and fatigue.

So believe me guys go in and try this fabulous ayurvedic weight loss tip!


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