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Why Should You Raise A Gender Neutral Baby?

The pink color is for girls and the blue color is for boys. Isn’t this one sentence that most of us were raised to believe since our childhood? I think many of us will agree to it. But a small section of urban Indian parents is taking a totally different approach by adopting gender neural ways to raise their kids as human beings free from gender bias. Sounds cool? So, let’s talk and try to understand what this gender-neutral parenting is all about.

Putting aside the gender stereotypes and years of conditioning, the concept of gender-neutral parenting is catching on among the millennial parents in modern India. Well, many experts agree that raising children without any gender stereotypes positively affects their developing minds.

Talking about gender-neutral parenting, it is all about encouraging your child to play with toys of both of the gender – let it be toys for boys or toys for girls. Furthermore, allowing kids to indulge in both boy and girl activities and let the kids choose what style of clothing they want to wear without any discrimination on the basis of gender. In a nutshell, it is giving kids free rein so that they can figure out the gender on their own.

According to Google’s worldwide trends, US, Sweden, Australia, UK, Canada are some of the regions that have shown interest in topics relating to gender-neutral toys as well as clothes over the past 12 months. The concept of gender-neutral parenting is nascent to India but it looks forward to reversing the age-old rules for good. Gender-neutral parenting let your child develop into a real individual without the artificially created limitations that society has placed around gender.

I hope, this article has cleared your doubts regarding gender-neutral parenting. Feel free to post your queries in the comments below. 

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