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Why I Love Wearing My Baby?

I was not aware of Babywearing when my son came into my life, but when my daughter was born I was excited to wear her.

At that time, I just had one thing on my mind that carrier looks so cool. It’s a cool way to carry your baby especially when you are out. Aaahhh….its a blessing for Shopaholics like me.

But, I was unversed about the real benefits of babywearing. I read many blogs and asked few educators about the benefits. While going through the reviews I was amazed at how passionate so many parents are about babywearing. After the full research, one thing was sure: I will go for a comfortable carrier, not the one in which the baby is uncomfortable.

There is a countless benefit to babywearing for both parents and their babies. Here is a little, but by no means all, of the benefits babywearing offers
  • Babies who are worn cries less during day or night.
  • Babies carried in a stroller only know the world of knees while babies worn gets a better view of the world around.
  • Breastfeeding becomes easy while carrying a baby.
  • You can do many tasks at the same time.
  •  Carried babies are gladder and in good health.
  • It helps the baby in developing balance, motor skills and flexibility in general.
  • Babywearing parents can move around freely with free hands.
  • Parents and their babies have a stronger bond which lasts all the way to adulthood.
  • Babywearing really is great exercise.
  • Babywearing enhances Parent-Child bond.

Above all the main reason I wear my daughter Adira is – LOVE. Yes, I wear my Mini because I love her and keeping her close to me is the only motive I have. I remember when my son came into my life my heart stopped from the overwhelming joy and air escaped from my lungs – I call it unconditional LOVE. I wish I knew this before. Now I wear my daughter and I am happy that I got the opportunity to explore babywearing.

I’m a proud babywearer to the most lovable son & adorable girl and happy wife to the humblest man, and unconditional love and compromises are what makes us a happy, healthy family.

In these pictures, I am wearing my daughter Adira in MamaCuddle Wrap.

This wrap provides a warm environment for newborns and babies up to 11kg. It is ideal for newborns as it gives full neck and back support to your little one. It reduces fussiness and soothes baby by mimicking the womb. It supports breastfeeding when you’re on the go and provides utmost comfort to mom and baby. Weight is evenly distributed across your neck, back and shoulders. It gives a constant cozy hug with zero strain on your back. This wrap is super light in weight and is a perfect pick for hot climates. You and your baby can enjoy evening walks and discover different places. I am super happy to have Mustard Marvelous Wrap.

You can buy this carrier from Amazon

Do watch my review video on YouTube.

Happy Parenting!

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