Why do Mom’s Pump?

We have often heard the proverb, ‘Do not cry over spilled milk.’ Guess they never spoke to a Mum who pumps before penning this down.
Have you ever spoken or encountered the true emotion of a Mother who pumps for her baby? There are various reasons why a Mother has to express milk for her baby. Ever wondered what could be the reason for a mother to pump for the baby.
Premie babies When I visited the NICU before the birth of my teeny tot, I noticed how weak the kids there were. They were extremely fragile and had very feeble mouth muscles for direct breast suckling. In a situation like this, a mother is expected to hand pump her milk for the bub. That is later fed to the child via a feeding spoon. Imagine what a boon a breast pump is in a situation like this.
– A break for Mums Let’s face it, nursing is exhausting for new mums. And yes, we do need a little break as Motherhood tends to be a little overwhelming. I usually express milk and get my family member to feed my bub. I can grab an extra snooze or go for a little walk in the meanwhile.
– Daddy Can Nourish too Just like us Mum’s, parenting can be overwhelming for dads too. I recently saw a Mom on Social media who gifted her husband the ‘Gift of Nourishment’ via a bottle. She had expressed milk and got her husband to feed their son this breast milk on her husband’s birthday. Now isn’t that a novel and noble thought.
– Engorgement Issues sorted
Ah! Those painful breasts between nursing sessions. Those huge lumps which make us feel heavier. Ever wondered what relieves them. Yes, firstly, jump into some warm shower or dunk the breasts into warm water. The heat renders some good massage and circulation. After that, massage the breast. This ensures the glands are relieved and then Pump. Pump Honey Pump. The pumping releases the pressure created. And yes avoids the fever and ill health due to engorgement.
– Induced Lactation Can lactation be induced? Oh yes, it is. Do you know that when it comes to surrogacy or adoption, a lady can induce breastfeeding? This enables her to nurse the infant that’s on the way or adopted. The woman undergoes hormonal medication and is expected to pump regularly. She is expected to mimic the Baby’s feeding cycle so as to build and created her own stash. Now that’s called Commitment.
– Creating a stash For Mums who are soon to resume work, the breast Pump is her best buddy. Mum’s who are done with their maternity leave usually pump for a month in advance. This makes sure that the Bub is not kept away from the precious golden liquid.
– The latching issue I have a friend who has two kids under two. At the birth of the second child, she was pretty sure that she would tandem nurse them both. But fate had a different plan. She had an oversupply of milk making it difficult for the younger one to suckle. The mother had to pump and feed the younger one and still nurse the elder one to keep up with the supply.
These are just a few reasons, I am sure that the list is way beyond this. But ever wondered which breast pump is good for Mums? Ask me, I started with the R for Rabbit First Feed Manual Breast Pump. The product is easy to use and convenient to assemble. I have heard a few Mum’s talks about the comfort of this device. The breast pump mimics the suction of the baby and is super easy to use. They have a 4 suction level change keeping the mom in control of the expression. The design is ergonomic and stops backflow. For those who are looking for something electric, there is R for Rabbit Electric Breast Pumps. Along with ease of handling, the breast pump removes the trouble of manually pumping milk. The best part is, it has a massage mode that stimulates the breast and later the suctions steps in. There are many levels of the two all displayed on an LCD screen. This is designed keeping the mum in mind
In conclusion, we all know the importance of liquid gold to our babies. For Mums who breastfeed and for those who express and feed. They both have my respect. After all, we know what’s best for the baby.
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