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When Technology Dominates Your Relationship

“Please put your phone down Mumma” Hearing these words from my son was a painful wake-up call. How had I let the small gadget in my hand take so much of my attention?

Yes, it’s amusing that you have the complete Internet at your fingertips, but if you really sit back and think about it, gadgets have kind of ruined your relationships.

We are so involved with the luxuries of technology that we hardly spend quality time with family and friends. We are surrounded by wonderful gadgets that make our lives simpler. When it comes to building a healthy and strong relationship, technology may play a disastrous role. Your connection with your significant other, your family and your friends may not be similar as it used to be. I often find friends and couples sitting in a restaurant looking at their phones. They spend more time with their gadgets and then complain about relationship problems.

So here’s some harsh truth about gadgets obsession and its impact on the relationship.

  • Most of the interactions are through text, so now calling someone is odd.
  • Technology affects our health, especially mental health. You may become uneasy, nervous and miserable because of technology.
  • Spending time isn’t the same anymore since everyone is on their phone.
  • In a Relationship? Engaged? Married? It doesn’t count until everyone on Facebook sees it in your profile info.
  • We crave for some “Me time” but “Me time” Isn’t alone anymore. The moment we get bored we grab our phones. We can’t even sit on the toilet without phones.
  • The pressure of clicking perfect picture when you’re on a vacation overshadows the actual joy.
  • Dinners used to be an intimate experience. Now it’s more Instagramming experience. The burden of clicking food pictures and posting stories is way too much.
  • Flirting online is common nowadays. It kills the relationship and makes it weak.
  • Smartphone addiction is a common thing these days. Many relationships are suffering because partners spend more time with gadgets. Getting rid of this addiction isn’t easy.
  • Sharing details on social media has now become a trend. Sometimes we post intimate details without considering the impact it can make on the relationship.

Communication is one of the most important keys to a healthy relationship. It helps build a blissful relationship and start a blissful family.

So here are some suggested guidelines for a healthy relationship in an age of social media/ gadgets.

  • Make a conscious decision to ignore attention-grabbers (Email, WhatsApp messages…..) when you are busy doing a certain thing.
  • Stop telling your social media accounts about every activity. In its place, spend more time communicating with your significant other.
  • Try to disconnect TV, tablet, computer, and smartphone as often as possible to save your relationship and health.
  • Catch up with family and friends in person. Put your damn phone away and look people in the eye. Have a conversation.
  • Don’t worry about what you are missing on Social Media. It will still be there but actual humans may not be with you forever.
  • Give undivided attention to kids and family for a better future.
  • Walk through the park, do what makes you happy not stressed.
  • Turn off your phones every time you spend time together to improve your relationship.
  • Keep stuffs private to have an extended and happy relationship.

When we emphasis on the things that really bring pleasure, our priorities shift and our relationships with our gadgets naturally start to become more aware, balanced and fulfilling. While technology has many benefits, it has much more shortcomings. After all, what is more, important your classy smartphone or your partner? Your digital life or your kid’s life?

Think about it and use your gadgets cleverly to avoid any confusions, bouts and other difficulties in your relationship.

Remember, technology addiction is similar to drug addiction – it can destroy your whole life.

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