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What Is Gender Neutral Parenting?

Gender Neutral Parenting is a western concept but it is now picking up in India as well. In this concept of parenting, parents raise their child without forcing any preconceived gender norms upon them and allowing them to choose which one they would rather adopt for the rest of their lives. From allowing the kids to choose their own style of clothing to let them play with toys that they like, without discriminating on the basis of gender, gender-neutral parenting is breaking the age-old rules. So, let’s talk about the need for raising gender-neutral kids.

·         A kid who is not exposed to typical gender stereotypes and biases since childhood will look at the world differently from us.

·         Gender Neutral parenting helps to create spaces where children can freely develop their own identities.

·         Celebrating differences and welcoming diversity is sure to help your child feel safe to explore and express themselves.

·         Gender Neutral Parenting aims at instilling awareness in the child that whoever they are and however they identify themselves, they will be seen, affirmed, loved and respected by their parents in the same way.

·         It has been noticed that kids raised in a gender-neutral way have more interests and hobbies.

·         Gender Neutral parenting help kids to get familiar with the interests as well as activities of the opposite gender.

·         Children who are given such choice in their early stages are likely to be more confident and be leaders rather than followers later on.

·         When it comes to making choices about whether they like it or not, it has been noticed that such children do not feel any added pressure.

·         Gender Neutral parenting helps to raise kids with an ability to never have any bias or stereotype in any situation which lets them become a good human being.

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