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Weekly Lunchbox Ideas For Kids- Yummy & Healthy

Keeping up with the school schedule and finding recipes everyday for kid’s tiffin is quite a task for mothers. But if you have it all planned and are well equipped with all the ingredients, it makes life a lot easier. Here I am sharing tiffin ideas so that kids can have variety of food throughout the week. The recipes can be prepared easily and they are healthy too. Packing a well balanced tiffin box which is yummy and healthy and brings a smile to kid’s face is the inspiration behind these ideas.

Tiffin Box 1: Samolina Carrot Appe, Coconut Chutney, Grapes, Sprouted Salad, Gems Candy

Samolima or suji appe is quick to prepare. To make it more healthy, I add grated carrots in it. The batter takes just few minutes to prepare and they keep kids full. With it I have packed mix sprouts salad and some grapes, coconut chutney to go with the appe and colorful gems candy as a treat.

Tiffin Box 2: Spinach & Red Sauce Pasta, Pomegranate, Cucumber, Fruit Loops

Pasta is usually every kid’s favourite. I have prepared spinach and red sauce pasta and packed it with handful of pomegranate, cucumber chopped in star shape to make it interesting and some fruit loops.

Tiffin Box 3 : Aloo Paratha, Tomato Ketchup, Boiled Corn, Ladoo

Paratha with stuffed boiled potato is a great tiffin option in Indian households. I have packed some boiled corn too along with it which tastes very good with paratha. And as a treat, I have added the traditional whole wheat ladoo. Introducing kids to basic contemporary food is crucial and this tiffin box can help with it.

Tiffin Box 4 : Spinach & Cheese Sandwich, Black Chana Salad, Orange slices, Mini Chocolates

For kids, sandwich is a no mess and delicious option. I make a filling of finely chopped spinach and chesse and grill the sandwich so it remains toasty. Along with it, there is black chana salad which has boiled chana, chopped cucumber, tomatoes and corriander. Black chana has good amount of protein so I try to incorporate it often in tiffin box. I have packed some orange slices and mini chocolates as a treat to make it an interesting meal

Tiffin Box 5 : Bhindi Vegetable, Paratha, Cucumber & Orange

A perfect lunch box with kid’s favourite Bhindi ki sabzi and parathas. Instead of opting for roti, I usually switch it with paratha which keeps them full. To accompany it, I have packed cucumber and some orange slices.

Tiffin Box 6 : Stuffed Potato Idli, Coconut Chutney, Boiled Corn, Kaju Katli

Idlis are a staple at my place. I prepare stuffed idlis which has boiled potato filling inside. It can be switched with any vegetable stuffing of kid’s liking as well. To accompany the idlis, there is coconut chutney and some boiled corn and kaju katli as a treat. Making kids familiar with different types of sweets makes them develop taste for it.

And with every box, don’t forget to add a cute little note to make them happy during lunch break.

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