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Motherhood – Unrevealed Truth

Oh, Dear Mom, Mom-to-be

Being a woman, it is believed that pregnancy should come naturally to us and it should not be that tough but when you find out that you’re pregnant and the happy feeling has sunk in, you feel petrified and insufficient suddenly. The anxiety and the fear take over the joy because of the uncertainties lying ahead. People congratulate you for the new journey and give their suggestions with their own experiences. But what do you start to feel momma?? You feel exhausted, alone and stressed.images (1).jpg

SSSHHH, MOM, you can’t tell anyone that you are scared. Scared of being judged, scared of the new responsibility, scared of not being a good mother, scared of being selfish at times, scared of all the other mommy things. Why didn’t anyone tell you earlier about this?? Why do they always make you see the beautiful picture?? Yes, the whole world lies to motivate you because motherhood is filled with ups and downs.

You are not the only anxious mother, every new mom goes through this. Everything and everybody will change, but the love for those shiny and diamond eyes, which keep staring at you for hours will never change. Yes, your love is living a life. Your shadow finally making its way into your arms. Look at that bright face searching for you when you feel gloomy. Soon you and your diamond will start to shine in this new light.

At times you’ll feel powerless when your baby cries. People will confuse you with their experiences, but you need to listen to your heart. You can and will provide the best for your baby. Everybody is different and has a different experience, don’t compare your life incidents with others because each baby is different too and it will make you realize that one day.

One thing which I have learned from my 2 years’ journey is that you need to “Stop blaming yourself for everything”. You are a mother and a human being at the same time. You can crave for your old life, that old, independent bird with zero responsibilities. Don’t feel guilty if you want to start your career again. Don’t feel guilty if you leave your child for an hour just because you need a break. Always remember a happy you can raise a happy child.

Please don’t overburden yourself on the quest of becoming a Perfect Mother, you already are Perfect. Nobody can be happy all the time but it’s you who needs to be calm and composed to raise a happy and a smart kid.

The path ahead is tough but it shall pass. Start only those stories which you can end. If you think you are right, never get defensive. Bring out the happy mother in you and make the best memories. Tomorrow when your child shines, you’ll find the true meaning of motherhood in that brightness.


New Mom(Deepali)

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    I can relate with each n every word
    Awesome ??
    Good job my lil baby sis
    Congratulations for ur 1st blog…long long way to go?

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