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Top 10 movies to watch with kids together.


watching top 10 movies with my kids here.

There are times we really do not understand what to do together as a family. We still end up finding some activities that we can do together as a parent and child, but most of us don’t know what to watch. Sometimes watching mere cartoons are not what holds our attention span, therefore I started researching the top 10 movies to watch with your kids. 

Snuggling on the carpet, in front of the TV, with popcorn, mister and the mini me’s, is an experience that can’t be described. I’d wish this for every parent. Therefore, I am compiling my preferred list of the top 10 movies to watch with your kids.

Top 10 movies to watch with your kids that are heartwarming, funny or entertaining-

  • Lion King- When you talk about the best movies to watch with kids and don’t talk about this, then you are missing out on something. It is the MUST watch a movie with the children. This animated movie talks to children about family, love, honour, togetherness and what not. There is no one who hasn’t shouted Hakuna Matata at the end or had a kid not crying when Mustafa died.

  • Boss Baby- This is an animated fun movie, which is so popular that it went on to have a cartoon series of its own. It talks about sibling rivalry, where an elder child feels insecure and lost on the birth of a younger child. But this is all done in a fast and funny way, with a lot of humour and small adventures. This isn’t just gripping for the children but makes the adults laugh as well.

  • Frozen – The tale of two sisters- Anna and Elsa, two royal princesses of Arandelle. Elsa is a royal princess with the gift of turning everything into ice. The whole country becomes frozen and in winters. Elsa goes hiding. It’s the adventurous tale of Anna who goes looking for Elsa and the story of the two sisters, who despite being young figure things out and accept the powers.

  • Finding Nemo- Marlin the elder brother to Nemo. Marlin is super protective. Nemo goes missing. Such a simple tale to make the kids understand ow parents have rules for a reason and hate it or love it, but Mumma papa knows best.
  • Coco- An undoubted rank holder in the best movies for kids list. There’s music, there’s family, there is la-familia, there is an adventure, there is heartbreak, it is heartwarming, there is togetherness, there is everything in this movie that you could want to show your children.
  • Inside Out- A top 10 movie for kids contender. It makes a child connect with their emotions. The characters in this movie are happy, sad, disgust amongst others. These are all the feelings the girl feels. This is a very clever movie and a favourite of Mister.

  • Matilda- Let’s face some heartbreaking reality for some kids around. A little girl is in a house she isn’t wanted. Her only escape is reading books. She isn’t allowed to read. With the worst principal ever in her school, her life’s sad. But how one good teacher Miss Honey, makes her life better. Bittersweet.

  • Jungle Book and Home Alone- One of the best movies ever made. Period. 

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