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Tips for helping baby latch properly

Mother’s Milk is rightly said to be the liquid love that ensures proper nourishment to your little bundle of joy. It is important that the child gets a good latch irrespective of the position you use to feed your baby. A good latch will allow your child to get enough milk to grow healthy and strong while making you feel comfortable. So in this post I will be sharing some simple and effective tips to help baby latch properly.

1) Getting Ready with prenatal preparation:

Take a breastfeeding class before your baby arrives. Instructor at these classes demonstrate latching with videos or with dolls, so you can get more comfortable with the process. You can connect with moms-to-be or other moms and get answer to your various queries. This can be an invaluable source of support for you.

2) Starting Early:

Staring breastfeeding early will help you to tap into your child’s innate abilities to latch on. This will help to keep the milk supply strong and will make the process easier for both of you.

3) Following Right Steps:

Firstly tickle your baby lips with your nipple. When baby open his mouth, aim your nipple just above your baby’s top lip. Ensure lower lip of baby is away from base of your nipple, turned outwards like a fish and baby’s chin shouldn’t be tucked in their chest. Baby should lead into breast and then the baby should latch onto your breast.

4) Looking for negative signs:

If you are hearing clicking noise or if you feel pain while nursing, then these are signs that something is not right. The solution is to unlatch and try again.

As a mother you should adapt your style to your baby’s feeding habits. Sometimes you can try switching positions to reduce breast pain or discomfort. 

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