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Things I learnt this year 2020

Every year life gives us new experiences and broadens our horizons by teaching us invaluable lessons. Every year I reflect back on the year by thinking about the things I learnt this year. This year has been tough on all of us, there is no point talking about the pandemic and how it has impacted us. We have in depth covered and discussed this. The thing I learnt because of the given situation in the world was a word. For me, I call it the word of the year.

My word of the year

the only thing I learnt this year, that I want to talk in depth about is- Gratitude. We have all been hearing a lot about this word gratitude. Why is it the word of the year? Well Gratitude is loosely defined as-

“the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself and represents a general state of thankfulness and/or appreciation”

To understand gratitude, we need to understand all the words that are included in the simple word gratitude-

The only to-do list to start with

The words which make up my word of the year are-









Once we understand what gratitude is, let me tell you why I think it is the thing I learnt this year.

For most of the people, lockdown caused a dip in earnings. Some struggled to meet ends. I have gratitude that we had enough to have food on our tables, have meals and live a comfortable life.

Gratitude because my family is all in the pink of their health, that the pandemic has not threatened the existence of my family members or me. We are all healthy and safe.

Gratitude for the togetherness of family, for having people to love and care for us and to love and care for, when the world is struggling to understand living alone.

Gratitude for togetherness, for having a life partner who helped and supported me in these trying times.

Gratitude is different for all, we have to understand that we can be grateful for a new day, for bright sunlight, for a good hair day. This year has taught us that not to take anything for granted, anything as given.

Attitude of Gratitude

Let’s learn to practice gratitude. Let’s be thankful for one thing every day. The things we are thankful for today might not be available for someone. It is the most important and progressive step.

When we practice gratitude for all the things we have, It is not just catharsis to our pain, but also a step forward to healing. It not only helps make amends and solve issues, it brings a calming to our mind, which is what is much needed.

So going forward, my word of the year was gratitude. I have practised it often and enough. I have felt it evolve and grow across people and thought processes.

What do you think is your word of the year? Do you agree with my thoughts on gratitude? Let’s talk about it.

2 thoughts on “Things I learnt this year 2020

  1. 2020 is very special year for me as i gave birth to my second child,my boy..though it was very tough situation in this pandemic but i got my family support and i am very very greatful for that..i thnk 2020 has taught a life lesson to everyone about the importance of having family..many people are there who are living far from their family ,many have suffered a lot but i am very thankful to god that we are together in this tough time..i lost my beloved uncle who was very close to my in short 2020 was like a wave for me who come with happiness and gone with someone with it

    Oh i wrote so much?…deepali i am truly blessed i hv found a pure soul like you in my small insta fam..i am also Great full to people like you whom i met on insta in 2020??

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