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The Best Wet Wipes For Your Baby

A simple google search for “best baby wipes” turns up more than 3 million results from parenting blogs, forums, magazines, and product pages.

The struggle is real as when I delivered my baby the doctor informed me about the importance of baby hygiene to avoid baby rashes. I was very much concerned and I started searching.

During my search of wipes over internet, I find out flame test of wipes.

Flame Test

It’s very easy, just dry down a baby wipe and light the corner of it using a candle.

If it smells like plastic and leaves a hard, dark black residue then it means it has polyester in it which is very harmful to baby’s skin.

I tested many wipes of renowned brands but to my utter surprise, all failed and I could sense foul smell like burning of plastic.

Finally I came across one brand I.e Mother Sparsh which claims to contain 99% water in its baby wipes and I was convinced to perform the test of these wipes.

Hey wow! it passed the test. 

 Not only it just passed the test, I found it to be thick and fragrance free.

This way, I found the best wipes for my baby which passed all the parameters of purity, thickness, and quality.

Watch my video for detailed review and the method through which you can conduct Flame Test.

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