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Taming Toddler Tantrums like a pro- How to calm them without loosing your cool.

He was screaming at the fan becuase it wouldn’t talk to him!!
-She is mad that my shoe doesn’t fit her.
-We got a bubble gun of the color he wanted. He happily played with it and now he is angry as the bubbles burst!!
-She was crying as her toy broke. I consoled her and she was fine. But she started crying again because she forgot why she was crying.

Situations like these are normal for parents of toddlers. Be it the terrible twos or the terrific threes, handling toddler tantrums is no joke. It take a lot of patience, understanding and above all readiness to handle the little ones who are finding it difficult to express themselves. It might get confusing to understand why it is happening when you are providing a safe and happy environment to your child, but trust me it happens with all. Tantrums in toddlers is all about them soaking in new experiences and expressing their feelings. For little developing brain, it takes a while to process the surroundings and feelings and when they don’t know how to react, they try to grab attention of the care taker.
So how do you tame the toddler tanrums? By properly evaluating the situation and patience. The way you handle the tantrums of your toddler impacts their thought process and builds their character. If you repond tantrums with anger and control they will learn to deal with tough situations likewise. If you handle it with smartness and patience, so will they.

1. Know the trigger

Every toddler tantrum has a trigger. Sometimes you address the trigger and sometimes you divert them from it. Act depending on the situation and intensity.

2. Find the cause

Usually toddlers throw a tantrum when they are exhausted, hungry, scared or seeking attention. Find what is causing discomfort to them.

3. Do not talk during the tantrum

Most of us do not “listen” when experiencing extreme emotions. Calm your child before talking to them about it. A hug, a glass of water or diverting them to something else helps.

4. Handle agression immediately

Hitting, kicking,biting or raging should immediately be stopped. Take them to a different room or environment to calm them down.

5. No yelling during the tantrum

Do not yell when they are undergoing a meltdown. Give them short and brief commands to make them stop. Saying a 2 or 3 year old to behave when they are angry will not solve the problem. Instead, ask them if they to want play or do some activtiy.

Once they are calm, talk to them about it. Preparing them beforehand while facing trigger situations helps alot. Also, don’t forget to praise them for how they cooperated while you were handling the tantrum.A toddler tantrum is the last thing you wish for after a tiring and exhausting day but know that it is just a phase and it will pass. Laught it off, give yourself and your baby a break and handle it with lots of love and patience.

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