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Subscription Box- Magic Crate Review

According to the recent study, children in India under five are either addicted to television or phones. Excess use of gadgets makes them dull and dumb.

Research shows that kids who spend long hours in front of gadgets are showing signs of emotional detachment, postural deformities,  and are exposed to mental illness.

It’s time to take some steps towards kids friendly environment without gadgets. Due to lack of time and security issues, we hardly send our kids to the play area which ultimately leads them to gadgets. But now parents can opt for ‘Activity box also called Subscription box’

Why do we need subscription boxes? Why are subscription boxes good for kids?

The play comes naturally to kids. Combining learning with fun-filled exercises would help children to grasp things easily. These boxes are age-based with lots of surprise elements. Each and every box is well planned and mailed to you each month without efforts. You don’t have to run to the market to buy supplies or you don’t have to spend hours on the Internet for ideas.

You need to choose the subscription box wisely because not all subscription boxes give a good learning experience.

Recently I got a chance to review Magic Crate box. Let’s explore more about this magical box. They send us an age-appropriate box i.e., Season box.

As the name suggests this box is a great way to introduce seasons to your child.

Now I’ll take you through all the learning activities that came inside the box.

Activity 1

In this activity, your child will learn seasons through an apple tree. You can show them the way trees change their look across spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Activity 2

In this activity, your child will learn the concept of dressing according to the season change. They can also learn about different fabrics and impact seasons have in our daily lives.

Activity 3

In this activity, we will create a snowman – total winter feel. Kids can throw snowballs and can enhance different motor skills through one activity.


While looking at the matters of the box its clear that its designed by an expert. I am sure that it must have taken a good amount of time and thinking to design a box. Every activity is designed beautifully and requires critical thinking.

                                                         My Review
  • In my opinion, this box is designed to expose kids to different learning activities and seasons.
  • This box gives a kind of stimulation that stretches their brains.
  • Each and every activity is planned and designed keeping in mind the basics and age of the child.
  • Activities are aimed to provide the best to your child by keeping in mind the different features of the child’s imagination and learning, focusing on areas like art, DIY, craft etc.
  • It enhances fine-motor skills, creativity, imagination, memory building and most importantly learning about nature.
  • Activities are child-friendly without any sharp objects and age-specific that can be done independently ones they get the whole concept.
  • It enhances the Parent-Child bond.
  • The box offers all the material that is required for the activities with an instruction booklet with pictures stepwise for a child’s understanding.
  • It makes the child curious to learn more about the environment and surroundings.

I recommend this activity box to parents who are seeing for something different from the regular activity boxes. It’s a completely new concept that makes learning fun.

If you are willing to contribute to your child’s development positively then go for Magic Crate. This box is magically designed to come over fear and concerns every parent has when it comes to gadgets.

Check out their website here for more learning boxes with different themes.


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