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Setting A Daily Routine For Kids- Why Schedule Is Important & How It Works

Having a routine for kids works wonders for them and for parents. It helps in raising them as socially healthy and responsible human beings. A routine helps in living a oraganized and well balanced life and helps in achieving goals as well. For kids, if started from an early age, they learn the impoetance of discipline and also value time.

Why it is important for kids to have routine?

A routine of any kind helps children be consistent and also they knowing what to do helps them diminish the fear of unknown.

1. Builds confidence

When kids do things on their own, they feel confident. Even a small daily task like preparing their next day school bag or outfit helps them feel that they can do things on their own.

2. Habit formation

Consistent routine turns into habits in the future inturn being the way they live their life. Starting with small routines like praying every morning, having breakfast at the table or putting their used plate in the sink helps in instilling those little habits in them.

3. They look forward to each day with clarity

A routine helps them be relaxed and not over stimulated every day thinking what will happen next. It provides them a clarity of the events occuring in the day and they feel more at ease.

4. Time management skills

A routine teaches them to follow the clock and learn the importance of punctuality. They will know that there is a secific time where they have to do a specific task to achieve a specific goal. This is very important life lesson which can be learned by moulding them into a set routine.

5. Makes parenting easy

When parents know what their kids are doing and that they will occupied during their routine activity, it makes them help plan better. Parents even get time to think and work on other chores easily when kids are following the routine.

6. Brings back stability in daily life

With kids, every moment is different. Having a routine makes it easy to get some stability. Everyone knows what they have to do in the house during the routine tasks which makes things run smoothly.

How to set kids daily routine?

1. Set times for major events. Meal time, snack time, nap time, bed time should be fixed and kids should be aware that they have to eat during those hours and sleep at a particular time.

2. Be patient during distractions. No matter how much parents try, their will be days when kids refuse to follow the routine or they get distracted in the middle of their routine tasks. In such situations, be patient and talk to them. Help them be consistent by reminding them how they happy would feel after completing their routine.

3. Make small routines. Do not plan their whole day. It is very robotic and eventually fails. Instead, plan small but impactful routines. Like making their bed once they wake up, picking up their toys, having breakfast or dinner at the table. This helps them not feel overwhelmed or controlled.

4. Do not be rigid if the routine fails. But remind them that they have to finish their task. Being flexible helps in breaking the motonous routine and keeping kids excited. Be consistent yet flexible.

5. Do not plan unachievable routine. Observe your child and make their routine accordingly. Following someone else’s routine might not suit your lifestyle. Access practically and set age and interest appropriate routine for kids.

It is said that time and tide wait for none. Having a routine makes kids independent and self reliant in the future and makes them empathetic and kind. It might take a few days to establish a suitable routine but once done, it is worthwhile. You can check my kids routine and their daily life snippets on @myteenytot.

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