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Self-Love Looks Gorgeous On You !

From a daughter to a friend to a wife and to a mother – I play innumerable roles. I spend lots of energy on loving other people. Sometimes I wonder ‘What makes me love so many people at the same time’? From where do I get such energy? I too need love from others, but I know that I can’t control external sources of love.

You must be thinking that I am talking only about  “I” “Me” My roles. You know Why? Because I believe that “You need to be into you. No one else will be”.

We rarely talk about independence or self-love or Me – Time, we simply talk about others and the traditions related to them. I really want you to think that if you are not connected to who you really are, how the heck you are going to connect with someone else. It is really important to love yourself to fill in the gaps. Be more aware of your likes and dislikes.

Recognizing the value of self-love is really important. So today I am here to share my fundas of a happy life. These small changes will definitely make you feel that “Self- Love is Gorgeous”

  • The first person you have to love and spend genuine time is to your own self.
  • Loving your soul and respecting your spirit is ultimately the only way to truly love yourself.
  • Feel your connection with all your life that’s what your heart desires more than anything.
  • Sit down and take a break after a long day.
  • Turn your flaws into assets, and trust me you will feel more comfortable.
  • When you make a mistake, try to encourage yourself with some ‘Self Talk’.
  • Don’t try to fit in someone else shoes.
  • Don’t wait until you lose weight. Sizes will keep on changing focus on what’s important.
  • Look at the beautiful you in the mirror and treat yourself with some good words.
  • Feel the gentle breeze against your skin whenever possible.
  • Do things that inspire you.
  • Wear your thoughts and opinions.
  • Be gentle and sweet to yourself.

Sometimes it’s better to wait for the water to get warm before washing your hands. These small changes reduce stress. I believe that loving yourself is essential and very different ethically and practically from loving others. Loving yourself is going beyond all the fears. It increases your self- confidence and self-comfort.

Be your own best friend and slowly whisper into your heart “I LOVE YOU GORGEOUS”

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9 thoughts on “Self-Love Looks Gorgeous On You !

  1. True isn’t it we are our real best friends – if wish to be! But this self care needs to be in balance else becomes ego or obsession. Very rightly conveyed thought.

  2. Beautifully written Deepika. Your thoughts is indeed true I believe. It is really important to give yourself a little priority.

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