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Some work hard to aim for success. Their reason for success is wanting a healthy bank balance, clout in society. Some work honestly and passionately, their aim is not the financial reward at the end, they aspire to inspire.


They work hard, they hustle harder, they enjoy their work. Their aim is to help many like them, find their common goal, follow their heart, pursue their passion.

Here’s us talking to some of those, who broke the convention, followed the path to their heart, carving a niche for themselves. They aspire. They inspire. They have created something worth looking up to. They have used social media as a powerful medium.

With this series, we aim 10 questions at these achievers and delve deep into their lives. This is an interview with those who aspire to inspire.

Kicking this series of is:-

Tanya Ruia

PR- Magnate, Influencer manager, passionate traveller and avid foodie.

  1. So you are the behind the scene force? Why did you choose this?

    I always loved brands and always wanted to play with them, rebrand them, advertise them, do everything possible with them. It just fell in my bucket after I quit my journalist job in 2019 and then I started enjoying this space of brands and lifestyle.
  2. Have you ever been tempted to use your experience and come to the spotlight?

    Yes, if I have worked very hard on a campaign/ brand/ etc., I would want to get recognition, be it an award, felicitation, anything.
  3. How difficult is it to liaise between the brand and the influencers?

    On a scale of 1-10, it’s 11. Being a PR, I need to keep my brand also happy because that’s where my money comes from and then I need to keep my influencer also happy because I need to keep working with the influencer as well. Finding a midway to keep both of them satisfied is the most important and difficult part.

  4. What do you do when both of the parties are acting stubborn and you are between a rock and a hard place?

    I always look for a middle ground or a solution that wouldn’t affect and waste the time for each of us. I mostly try to build a relationship with the influencer and convince them of the changes because in most cases the brand has an upper hand.

  5. Walk us through some of the most satisfying campaigns you have spearheaded?

    I have been handling ITC as one of my key clients for a year and I still remember how I along with my team pulled off a Sunfeast Dark Fantasy campaign with 4 big celebs like Ali Fazal, Shruti Hassan, Ayush Mehra, etc. that too during the peak of the lockdown during 2020 and it was a complete music video shoot from individual homes and the campaign won awards in IAMAI, got recognition in Afaqs, MOM, etc. The experience was surreal.

  6. Ever had a moment where you’d be like ‘What should I do now?’

    That’s like an everyday thought. There’s not a single day where I am like – “what should I do now?” But there was this one time when the brand was very furious with one of our team members and the influencers were not responding on time and the brand just ran out of patience and got anxious. They called for a meeting at 10 pm when I was attending my childhood best friend’s wedding. I had no clue if I should hold my best friend’s lehanga or apologise to the brand over the call. I think that was the most difficult moment 😛 *still laughing at it*

  7. Anyone incident which is so interesting that you can’t stop sharing it?

    Nothing that I can think of

  8. The most annoying part of your work is?

    Talking to so many people. As you grow up, you find talking on calls and texts so boring. And when it becomes your job to communicate with n number of people on an everyday basis, it is very difficult.

  9. If not this, what would you be doing?

    I would have been a fashion stylist. I looove fashion and styling. I am known for what I wear, how I style it, how I look when I dress up and all. My clients, brands, influencers also ask me often where did I get that cloth from and this happens on an everyday basis.

One tip for the aspiring ones?

Never stop dreaming and working hard toward your goals. If not this, something or the other will definitely fall in your bucket for you and it will all be worth the hard work, tears, struggle and pain. Just don’t lose hope and do good. That’s my mantra for success.

 Tanya Ruia, pr executive, aspire to inspire

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