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Coming back to our series, let’s meet this wonder chef. He’s a self-taught chef, who has graduated from being an ‘I need to cook to survive’ kind of chef, to ‘I cook because it gives me a high’ kind-a chef. This food blogger interview will show you all that is behind the making of a successful man.

Meet Kumar Nachiket, who has grown from strength to strength, who lets the audience dictate the course of his recipe videos, the foodie, the food maverick, the man with the sunny smile.

  1. Let’s discuss, how did you start this journey?

” I have always been passionate about food and cooking, I have been cooking for last 6 years. However when I started cooking, it was more of a survival cooking, everyday struggle to make the rotis round to perfection to get the perfect aldante pasta. I started enjoying the process of cutting and chopping and the whole experience about cooking became very therapeutic to me.”

2. What is keeping you passionate about your work?

“I was always a social media person from the very start, the whole idea of sharing and getting my daily dose of Dopamine is definitely one of the biggest motivator, other than obviously I create and consume restaurant/dhaba style food on a very regular basis. I get to learn about the cuisine culture of India and its various states.”

3. Let’s discuss some of your failures, or the times you just wanted to give up

“By just good luck, I never had the moment when I wanted to give up, but definitely there are always some challenges that keep coming up, the biggest challenge is to not get monotonous and keep the audience engaged even though I have to make Indian curries mostly. I keep coming up with new recipes from various states and regions which excite the audience.”

4. Why do you think you have such a good target audience? What is your success story?

“I think for me, the journey was pretty easier as I majorly have Indian audience or NRIs who relate with Indian food very quickly, Every now and then every Indian crave for homemade restaurant-style food and that’s where my page comes to their rescue where I share the most favourite restaurant menu items. Lockdown has also been one of the biggest factors in the growth of my page, Obviously, Consistency has been my key, I never failed to do a recipe in a day. There have been times when I have created more than 2 recipes, The goal has always been to be on top of the audience mind. Being there and being visible all the time has helped me a lot. Overall I can say, consistency has been my hallmark.”

5. How do you collaborate with brands? How do you keep yourself objective other times?

“I work with brands quite a lot, some of my best projects have been through brands, I choose to work with brands directly rather than some PR agency. Working directly with brands has been much more fruitful for me, I have been able to create recipes that otherwise I would have missed on. Other time when I don’t work with brands, I think of it as my investment to reach out to brands and audience.”

6. What is a typical day of your week like?

” A yypical day starts with going to the grocery store to get the fresh produce of the day to cook the recipe that has been planned, Normally I do a poll a night earlier where the audience has the option to choose the recipe. I cook from 7-8, edit my videos 8-9 and my videos are up on the feed by 10 am. After that, it’s all office work and dealing with clients.”

8. Share a memory of any moment where you felt content/proud of your work 

“The proudest moment for me has been when I started interacting with various bloggers and YouTubers for my show “Curry Tales”. My talk show was quite a hit and people from various genres participated in that. Models, Actress, Chefs, Travellers. Getting to know people who are doing great in their fields has been quite a comforting and a bit of learning opportunity for me.”

9. the Weirdest thing that has happened to you as an influencer?

“I think for bloggers the weirdest moments come when a brands approaches for a barter collab with multiple deliverables urgently, the reasons they state are pretty hilarious and quite lame some times. I was approached for a brand collab of barter where the deal was that Vikas Khanna would like your post, but we can’t pay you for the deliverable. The deliverable list was quite an elaborate one.”

10) Your favorite influencer and why?

“It is very difficult to pick one for sure, Everyone is doing so well in their field, however, if I have to name a few (Naveen Suresh(Bangalorepicure), Richa bHatia (i_got_hangryy), Rekha Kakkar(rekhakakkar), Anubhav Sapra(Delhifoodwalks).”

11) Share one valuable piece of advice for budding content creators.  

“Only One Advice – Consistency is the key”

This was our second outing in the #RendevouzWIthAces series. Please tell us who all you want to know more about.

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