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Reasons You Must Cuddle Your Baby

Hold your baby.

    I assure

       you won’t spoil them.

         you won’t make them dependent.

          I assure you will regret it if you don’t.

Anyone who has ever cuddled up with a newborn knows how lovely it feels. That sweet smell and small hands, That soft skin and charming sight.

AAAhhhh this feeling is amazing and I so want to hold my 2.8-year-old and 7 months old Mr. and Mini right now…..

We all know that small babies need food, sleep, and frequent diaper changes. These are some immutable daily activities. But then, there is the necessity to be cuddled. Yes, they want to be close, they crave to be held. We generally feel that holding baby more will make them dependent but I think it makes your bond healthy and strong.

There are innumerable reasons to hold your baby especially during early days, here I am writing few amazing benefits of cuddling small babies.

Stimulates Breastfeeding

According to the research immediate skin-to-skin contact promotes breastfeeding. The close touch diminishes stress in babies who are otherwise unwilling to latch.

It promotes early baby bonding

The pressure of new responsibility can hinder in baby-parent bonding, obstruct breastfeeding and make a baby weak and can also make new moms tired who has already gone through a lot. However, hugging squishy baby will make you forget everything. Cuddling makes your bond stronger with the baby as they feel safe in your arms.

 It makes them smarter

Research shows that children whose parents show love to their child are actually raising a happy and smart child. By giving your kids a loving and safe environment you are openly affecting their development. Cuddling may not raise brain IQ but it will definitely raise a happy child which directs towards the happy child

Calms New Moms

We moms feel emotionally tired and stressed. New responsibilities make us weak and frustrated but research shows skin-to-skin contact reduces maternal stress.

Cuddling your baby is` a technique named as “kangaroo care,” This helps in temperature regulation soon after birth and also makes them emotionally strong for the whole life.

A few days back I got a chance to use Mommy Cuddle carrier based on this technique. I was amazed to see the carrier. I simply wore it and went out. It was super duper comfortable. Although my baby is quite big for the carrier still she was comfortable. I can sense that its an ultimate solution for nursing mothers.

Here are my detailed review and experience.


Every being wants to be cuddled close to its mother in the first days, weeks and few months.

Your munchkin wants you. More than that, he needs you. Your arms, your fragrance gives him strength. Nobody knows your little baby better than you. He is your part and nobody can replace your cuddle and warm arms. With this notion, Mommy Cuddle came up with a revolutionary product.

Mommy Cuddle is the fashionable wear, nursing wear, cozy baby pouch – One stop fashionable solution for new moms. Here are few things which makes it a must buy.

Comfortable Pouch –  The pouch can be clearly seen in the picture. It is really very comfortable and helps bond with your baby during the most important initial days.  A stretchable pouch gives your baby the womb-like environment.

Head Support – Pouch comes with extra head support. The head support is comfortable and ensures that baby is safe while sleeping.

Nursing Bra- You can easily wear this as it makes nursing easy. This carrier comes with double-layered (for extra coverage) nursing bra and a soft elastic gives extra support.

Sizes and Age – It comes in different sizes, from XS to plus size. It can be easily used up to 6 months of age.  Mommy Cuddle recommends it to the baby weighing from 3Kg to 7 kgs.

High-quality fabric – The fabric used in the carrier is of superior quality. Imported fabric is designed beautifully and it comes in 3 different yarns. It provides great flexibility and strength.

Direct from the manufacturer- You don’t have to pay the extra amount as it comes directly from the manufacturer. It is decently priced at Rs 2999.

Nice Packaging- Mommy cuddle comes in a multi-functional bag. I am using it as a pouch to keep some small toys and small books. It can be used to keep many things as they allow lots of space and is of high quality.

Why Mommy Cuddle?
  • 1)It’s really comfortable with hot & cold climate
  • 2) Its fabric is soft, cozy and is of high quality.
  • 3) It is a fashionable wear and can be used effortlessly.
  • 4) Well designed.
  • 5)It’s the best carrier during travel days.
  • 6) Affordable
My rating
  • *Comfort – 4/5
  • *Baby Comfort – 4/5
  • *Fabric – 4.5/5
  • *Ease of use – 4.5/5
  • * Value – 4.5/5

It is a tagless top which uses a heat transfer labels. Free from irritating tags makes it super comfortable. 2% of your payment goes to Sankalp India Foundation to help kids suffering from Thalasemmia.

Hold your baby. Listen to the inner voice within that tells you that from womb your baby belongs on your chest. Enjoy his fragrance, stroke him, kiss him, live him and enjoy this phase with mommy cuddle.

We want to be hugged. They want to be cuddled. 

We want them when we are happy. They want us when they’re content. 

We need them when we are dull. They need us when they’re gloomy. 

Kids want proof you still love them. We too want to know that we are still loved.

Go and check their website

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Let me know in the comment section so that I can continue on this journey of sharing my experiences. Furthermore, I would love to hear more about your experiences.



15 thoughts on “Reasons You Must Cuddle Your Baby

  1. oh! its so adorable pic! Mummas can feel the bond only. The baby wear looks good and best part is it doesnt look that you are wearing something extra! It looks just like a top only.

  2. Great thoughts on helping building mother and child bond much earlier. The benefits your have listed apart from the bonding is also quite good. Will definitely share it with friends so they all know 🙂

  3. I absolutely agree with all the benefits of cuddling the baby. Smooth breast milk supply and calming down mommies being the best. The Mommy Cuddle baby carrier looks awesome. It has a very functional design.

  4. It is scientifically proven that cuddling reduces stress and also heals depression. I totally loved your post. This definitely will also strengthen the bond between a mother and her child.

  5. Such a nice article. Its so true cuddling our children is a form of bonding. I personally also feel so relieved off stress whenever I cuddle my little one. Thanks for sharing the info on

  6. Hugging a baby will definitely make them feel loved protected and cared for. I am loving the Mommy cuddle pouch. Ergonomic and eases breastfeeding.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Baby cuddling is so important and i agree this indeed helps in mother child bonding. It is so calming for a child who is new to the world. These baby carriers make life so easy as mothers can wear babies while working too.

  8. Wearable baby carrier looks smart and comfortable. It makes the baby wearing bit more convenient and easy.

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