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How Puzzles Can Build The Toddlers Mind

Puzzles are challenging activity for young minds and adults as well. They not only help to engage kids but also improve memory. We buy them for our munchkins just to make them sit quietly and enjoy new challenges. Puzzles are an important means of learning and improve child’s overall behavior.

At any age, puzzles enhance the chance to work toward a goal as you put pieces together. With small pieces and large-piece, fun shapes and bright colors, puzzles are a favorite among children. Children can learn new skills with new puzzles. We all know that kids start with simple knobbed puzzles which fit into corresponding board cut outs. From there they go to more complex puzzles and develops in many ways.

Puzzles have many benefits for toddlers as they grow and their mind develop. Here’s the list of the top benefits of playing with puzzles for children.

Problem Solving

Puzzles require proper placement of the pieces. This shows a clear problem that needs to be solved carefully. Puzzles have only one solution which can be achieved by trying till child succeeds.

Cognitive Development

Puzzles help develop problem-solving capability, evaluation, reasoning skills, comprehension and an idea organization. It enhances their awareness and improves different topics like vocabulary, colors, numbers, shapes, vehicles, animals, alphabet and many more.

Hand-Eye Coordination

While playing with puzzles children use their eyes and hands, which enhances the coordination between hands and eyes. Kids will use trial and error method to solve the puzzles and this requires child’s eyes, brain, hands and improves concentration. The child will have to put or remove one or more parts when trying to solve the puzzle and this requires eye and hand manipulation.

Sorting and Classifying

Children have to sort and classify parts before placing them in the required place. Puzzles can be sorted on the basis of colors, shapes and different patterns.

Puzzles Enhance Memory

While joining a puzzle, children have to completely rely on their ability to remember which shapes work together to complete the picture. If a piece doesn’t fit, the child will try another piece and will remember for the next time.
Children love solving the same puzzle over and over again and this makes them recall how to solve a specific puzzle and makes their brain sharp.

Fine Motor Development

Playing and Solving require children to grasp pieces of all sizes and manipulate them to fit in the proper place. Few pieces even require twisting knobs to make the parts fit in or needs to be pressed to fit in the space. All these activities help the child develop small muscle movements and strong fingers and use them to grasp things and hold onto them as well.

Best way of learning

Puzzles are the best learning tool for toddlers. They need to place the pieces in the exact place, turn them and make sure they fit in properly before placing another piece. Puzzle challenges them in every possible way.

Boost Confidence

Initially, parents need to help kids in solving puzzles later they solve puzzles independently.  This helps in building the confidence.

There are innumerable benefits of such learning tools for children. We use a little bit of one part and a little bit of another part of the puzzle and create a happy picture. Give your kids the opportunity to learn numbers, shapes, colors, and mathematical concept. The best thing about puzzles is that a child plays and learn at the same time.

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Let’s share the joy of completing the puzzle together.

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  1. I agree! Puzzles are so engrossing! We as parents get involved in the activity too! I remember buying something like this for Haniya too! Will check their collection

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