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Perfico- Perfect Personalized Portal

“I like gifts, I like to give them and I like to get them.”   Gifts are always special. Isn’t it? Gifts provide us with a way to express our feelings for a person. Sometimes we need to go beyond words to make our loved one feel special. How special the person feels when he/she receives something special? Don’t you think that a personal touch can…

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Family, Parenting Tips

Parenting without saying ‘NO’ to kids!

  Properly used, positive reinforcement is extremely powerful. -B.F. Skinner How to say NO positively to your kids??                       Being a parent I have observed that we use ‘NO’ to our children frequently. Once our toddler starts throwing thing we say ‘NO’. They put things in their mouth we say ‘NO’. If we start counting – Our ‘NO’ will be more…

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Parenting Tips

Gadgets – Good or Goof

Are gadgets making our toddlers goof or good? Can toddlers and gadgets go hand-in-hand? These questions came to my mind when I saw new parents giving gadgets to their toddlers and even feeling proud to see how those tiny fingers are operating it. Parents feel gratified when they see their two-year old’s achievement in handling the gadgets. They are pleased…

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Baby Care

Gassy Infants and Toddlers

  Your small baby often makes big gassy noise. Passing gas 15 to 25 times a day is absolutely normal for children. Children with delicate digestive systems may suffer from the gas formation. On the one hand gas formation is normal and on the other hand, it can be very painful for babies due to underdeveloped digestive system. Causes of…

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Early Learning

Alphabet Activities

Dear Moms, I truly believe that early learning is very important for children. The first five years of a child’s life is the foundation stage for a bright future. Early training and learning shapes children’s future, growth development, happiness resulting in an achieving overall life. Children are learning enthusiasts. They learn everything quickly if followed by right encouragement and attention.…

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Mother Care

Postpartum Hairfall Prevention

  A child brings immense joy to the world and our lives. The moment when the new-born arrives into your arms is unforgettable and it is a moment to be cherished forever. Motherhood is full of magical moments along with a lot of ups and downs. During my pregnancy, I flaunted my big bump confidently with a few awesome maternity clothes…

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Family, Fitness, Mother Care, Parenting Tips

My FITness Mantra

  All of us new moms wonder at times – “Why can’t I fit into my old clothes? Do I really look FAT? ” We reason out to “I can’t exercise because I have a baby to look after”. I was fenced with innumerable semblance. Remember, we mothers are surrounded with many responsibilities that make us forget who we really…

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