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Pack a balanced meal in kids lunchbox- All the Hows and Whys

Packing kids lunchbox needs major brainstorming- no repetitions so its interesting for kids, it should be quick to prepare to avoid the morning rush, healthy meal options so its nutritious and tasty too to please the little ones taste buds. With so many things to consider, it gets difficult to keep the lunchbox balanced with all the essential nutrients.

A balanced lunchbox for kids is crucial for their healthy growth. While they are busy learning and playing in the school, they need to fuel themselves with food which is energising and builds them strong. When you pack a healthy balanced tiffin for kids, you will notice their overall development graph rising and they will feel happy as well. A full tummy means a full heart and they will find it easy to focus on learning new things if they eat well.

So to put it into various categories, a balanced lunchbox should have:

1. Any 1 fruit:

Apple slices, banana, pomegranate, guava, chopped strawberries, mango is a good option. Choose less messy fruits which kids can easily eat.

2. Any 2 vegetables:

Choose recipes which have a good amount of vegetables. Incorporate minimum two vegetables and try to rotate the dishes to break the monotony.

3. Any 1 source of protein:

Roasted seeds, peanut butter, hummus and sprouts are good options.

4. Any 1 whole grain:

Whole wheat bread, multigrain pasta, oats, quinoa keeps them full and maintains energy levels as well.

5. Any 1 dairy:

Skip this for lactose intolerants. Sauted paneer, cheese cubes, flavored curd can be packed. Including this helps in healthy growth.

Now that we know what to include and why to include, it is essential to prepare a meal plan to keep the good old dabba balanced with all the goodness. Here are some of the options you can opt for which my kids love and it is easy to prepare and pack as well.






Also, along with balanced meal, I always put on a handwritten note in the lunchbox. A healthy lunchbox will make a healthy and happy kid. With little effort and smart planning, everyday lunchboxes can be made nutritious.For more such nutritious and yummy lunchbox packing ideas, check out @teenycookbook.


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