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Our Favourite School Essentials- Cute and Functional

The most exciting part about going back to school is shopping for it. Books, bags, lunchboxes, stationery and water bottles come in so many varities that it gets difficult to shop. When you feel like you want to buy the store for your kid who is going to the school for the first time, wait and choose wisely. Hoarding up school supplies is a big no no and kids tend to get distracted with so many options.

I have curated a functional yet cute school supplies checklist which you can definitely get for your little genius.

1. Backpack


Consider bags with adequate padding and broad shoulder straps. Also kids should be able to hold and operate the zippers of the bag. Do not buy big bulky bags. Choose lightweight bags with enough space to keep the essentials. Personalise it by adding bag tags or by putting a monogram lapel pin on the backpack.

2. Lunchbox

Choose luncboxes with compartments so that food doesn’t mix up and remains fresh. For long school hours, consider a lunchbox with insulated thermos compartment. Also you can buy tiny dividers to make your own compartments according to food you are packing. A leak proof, bpa free and easy to open and close lunchbox is ideal.

3. Water bottle

Opt for stainless steel easy to clean and insulated water bottles. For small kids, choose sipper bottles. It should be easy to drink water from it for kids.

4. Stationery Supplies

Notebooks– Good quality paper notebooks from brands like Classmate, Navneet are classic must haves. I keep extra notebooks handy for school projects.

Pencil Box– The magical pencil box is on every school going child’s wishlist. Go for vibrant prints which kids like and easy to operate cases. These days, magnetic closures, sharpener included pencil boxes are in trend.

Pencils– Apsara, Natraj pencils are everyones favourite, but don’t forget to check out these recycled pencils which has seeds in them. Kids can plant it after using and grow plants.

Art Kits– For craft activities and school projects and homework, it is necessary ro have crayons, marker pens, highlighters and so many art supplies. To make kids engage in art activities, buy sets which have a theme.


When you shop for things which keeps kids excited for school, they will be happy and more interested in learning. Good quality things last long and makes it easy for them to step into the new world. Not only it is interesting and fun to shop these back to school essentials, it is like making memories for your kids. Their first school bag, first pencil, it makes it all the more precious. So go ahead, take your little one for school shopping and make it a memorable experience for them.








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