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Our Favourite Kids School Essentials: Cute and Functional

Selecting school supplies can be a daunting task. Your kids want to buy things which have their favourite characters or prints and you want to get supplies which are easily usable and functional. And I kid you not, if you don’t have the right supplies, it can make the whole school experience of kids a nightmare. Kids easily get attached to their things, so it is always a good idea to show them the options and then purchase it.

Personally, I make a list of things and then ask them to choose. Also, I like to shop school supplies majorly online as it is more convenient. Here are some of our favourites which we have been using since quite a while now.


1. School Bags

Kids school bag should be chosen very carefully. A light weight bag with wide shoulder strap which is designed for their age is ideal. It should have different components to keep their stuff separate and should hold its shape when packed. I also look out for bags which are insulated and have good quality lining which makes it weather proof.

2. Stationery Supplies

Stationery is something I used to shop every other week. It runs out quickly or gets lost easily. So I have started to shop smartly and buy it in bulk. Also, I like to buy colorful stationery which makes kids interested. For erasers, opt for dust free and fragrance free ones and the crayons and pencils should have good grip.


3. Pencil Box and Pouch

As a kid, I used to be so fascinated and tempted to get new pencil boxes. These days there are so many options to choose from. For days when kids don’t have art and craft classes, they take a small pencil box and for days on which they need to take crayons and art materials, I pack a pencil pouch which stores everything they would need.


With so many trendy school supplies available in the market, it is important to choose wisely. Investing in good quality school essentials saves money, lets you avoid those frequent store visits and also makes kids excited to go to school. Do check out the links if you wish to buy any of these. I have also listed lunchbox essentials in my previous blog. I would be happy if you connect with me on my instagram pages @myteenytot and @teenycookbook.


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