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My FITness Mantra


All of us new moms wonder at times – “Why can’t I fit into my old clothes? Do I really look FAT? ” We reason out to “I can’t exercise because I have a baby to look after”. I was fenced with innumerable semblance. Remember, we mothers are surrounded with many responsibilities that make us forget who we really are??

And remember – Never loose that ‘I’ in ‘We’.

Three years ago, I got to know that I am pregnant and I was 55 kg then. By the end of the ninth month, I was 89 kg (GGOOSSH!). Once my tot arrived into this world and my arms, I was left with 28 kg of excess weight. I was shattered, disheartened and wanted to shed that extra pound in one go obviously. It took me 5 months to realize that I’ve to do it by myself (No Super-power can help you here!!) and over a period of time. I realized that I had to break free from my silly and lethargic excuses and work hard to achieve my goal.

Nothing can hinder you to achieve what you desire for. I never wanted to get back to my old body but all I wanted was a healthy body with the healthier mind. I searched a lot for several weight loss programs, but nothing worked for me (Alas!). I began to do small things at home. Initially, it seems difficult to work out at home, but it’s not impossible. Slowly, I understood there are no stumbling blocks in fitness, I lost all my post-pregnancy weight in 5 months. Yes, all that extra pounds vanished (YAYYY!!).


Today, I am glad to share my experience and input with all of you new moms out there. So, I present you the fitness mantra that helped me lose weight at home (Unbelievable Right? )…….

  1. Ditch Excuses – If you are determined enough then nothing can stop you from losing weight. I know you are stressed and exhausted but you have to do it for your own well-being. So put on your shoes and feel free to start.
  2. Never ditch meals – Cutting down on your meals will never help you lose the weight. As a matter of fact, it will hinder your metabolism and will make you weak. Eat your meals on time. Have a healthy and balanced diet through your day.
  3. Meal Funda – Divide your food into six meals for the day and get rid of the three big meals in a day. Eating five meals will make you feel satisfied throughout the day without unnecessary cravings. I am attaching a simple regime which I followed myself.
  4. Early Morning: Green Tea / Lime Water
    – Breakfast: Brown Bread Sandwich / Poha / Broken Wheat (Dalia) / Tea/ Marie Gold Biscuits/ Upma/ Two Boiled Eggs.
    Mid-morning : Fruits / Butter-milk / Oats / Soup.
    – Lunch: Dal or Pulses, 2 Chapatis and Brown Rice with Curd and Salad in Large Proportion.
    Mid-evening : Sprouts Chat / Popcorn.
    – Evening: Veg Soup / Lentil Soup.
    – Dinner: Dal or Pulses, 2 Chapatis.
    – Bed Time: Milk.
  5. Early dinner – Eat your dinner before 7 p.m and you can see the difference within a week. This is my best tip for all of you moms out there. If you have to stay awake till late, go for a glass of milk or a cup of green tea to keep you nourished.
  6. Exercise – Being a mother of one I can understand your new responsibilities but its important to indulge yourself in exercise. I am not asking you to start with rigorous exercises. Start slow because there is a long way to go. A regime that I followed is attached below-
  7. First 10 Days: Brisk Walk for 30 Minutes.
    – Next 10 Days: Brisk Walk for 20 Minutes followed by 10 Minutes of stretching.
    – Next 10 Days: Jogging for 10 Minutes, 10 Minutes Stretching and 20 Minutes of Aerobics.
    – Next 10 Days: Jogging for 10 Minutes, Stretching for 10 Minutes, Aerobics for 20 Minutes, 20 Minutes for Yoga/ Weight Training etc.

Mommy, you need to understand its difficult to shed that pregnancy weight, but smart lifestyle and a push can help. Don’t bother with the result, just keep working for yourself. Patience is the key to lose weight fast.

Say it again!

Remember – Patience is the key to lose weight.

If you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section below.



40 thoughts on “My FITness Mantra

  1. Thnx dear plZ tell me which exercise or link some aerobics video for weight loss bcz i couldn’tspend money on all these…..i am doing all my household work myself with tk cr of 9 month daughter still not losing inches

  2. hii..this is really inspiring..i want to lose 30 kgs ..i wanted to know where u breastfeeding along with this diet plan…i am exclusively breastfeeding my 4 month old baby.

  3. Hi very useful tips.. my son s 11 month baby.. Still I m giving only mother milk no formula milk fa my son.. And he s taking enough solid food.. Is it OK to follow ur food chart… my question is tat does it affect my milk supply..

  4. Hi! Such an inspiration you are my dear!
    I am a mother of 4 months old twin boys. Best feeling ever to nurse them but at the same time most toughest job to keep up the whole day after taking care of them and finding no time at all for myself… I desperately want to loose weight as there is a wedding in immediate family at the end of this year and I want to look best…. The fab….. The hot and pretty momma, I don’t want to do this just for the wedding but also for my own feel good factor… . But seriously not getting way out to it. I know very well about 5/6 break up diet chart plans but can’t manage eating my major 3 meals only…. Also I am having hypothyroidism…seeking genuine advice..TIA

    1. Hey Renu,
      I can totally relate to your problem. We mothers don’t have time for ourselves. This journey is tough but only we can help ourselves. Follow this diet plan with reminders on your phone. Start with simple 30 min walk. Do it for 15 days and do tell me the difference on ‘myteenytot’page. Have a good day!

  5. Hi Dear, thanks for motivating. After how many days of post party, can I start this regime. Also I am not exclusively breast feeding my child.. Then will I back able to loose weight? (

  6. Great job…. But I hv a question tat in early morning taking green tea is OK.. I read in one article tat early morning taking green tea is harmful.. It’s make acid in empty stomach…

  7. Hii deepali….i had a c sec n now my child is 14mnth..i m going for a walk…so i want to know that im also follow these exercise…pls send some links of aerobics n other exercise..

    1. Hey priya
      Its really nice to hear that you are going for a walk. For exercise links please follow my facebook page ‘myteenytot’ and message me as a reminder.

  8. Hi dear..
    I m mother of two year boy….want to loose 30kg …..
    Is ur diet plan is suitable for me or I need to work hard more.?
    Please suggest me …

  9. Can you mention the timings for early morning and mid evening’s etc… So that I can stick to a strict diet program and plz also mention the aerobics and yoga/exercises …tia

    1. Hey just like my page ‘myteenytot’ and message me there for exercise links.
      Breakfast – 8:30 am
      mid – 11 am
      lunch 1:30pm
      mid eve- 4pm
      dinner- 7pm
      Hope it helps

  10. I think I needed to read this. It’s tough being in the US, with no domestic help. But now my baby is 8 mo and I really want to get back to my 55kgs by his 1st birthday.. There, I said it out loud!

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