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Mommy Milestones- Making Every Moment Magical

It is said that with every new baby, a mother is born. While some consider their pregnancy a roller coaster ride, I found it to be a transition in many ways! It was a kind of stew of mixed feelings, I was overjoyed and high-strung, at the same time thinking about different challenges parenting brings along with it. I’m sure every mum does a lot of homework before she finds herself fully prepared to welcome the baby.

My prep included reading books, joining a new moms club, and sharing ideas with my peers.
But shall I share a secret with you? At the end of the day, it is your instinct that tells you what you should do as a parent. Nothing and no one but you have to find that #SahiWaliFeeling for yourself. And when you’re finally able to do it, everything becomes special, and every moment becomes magical.

While I was surrounded and swimming in the sea of voices telling me how to breastfeed, how to start solids, how to babysit, and other suggestions I chose to listen to my inner voice and do the things my own way. Believe me, those little things that you do following your #SahiWaliFeeling give you the best feeling of being a mom. Putting your baby to sleep, potty training, preparing baby food, and even playing with them, all of it takes so much effort and energy. I remember when I was starting solids for my little one, I wasn’t a great cook, but somehow, I made it and celebrated it by shaking a leg in the kitchen!! Nobody taught me how to be a mom, it was all by clairvoyance.

As a new mom, there is so much nervousness and doubt of whether or not you are doing the right thing for your baby. But whenever I got a smile and hug from my tiny human, it just all felt right. Every time I was able to understand my baby, it was like an achievement, like unlocking a new milestone. It’s funny how as an adult I was so indecisive and confused. But that trust which those little squishy cheeks put on you makes you feel that you are the best mom they can have. Even today, when I get paranoid about anything, both my kids say “Mumma chill!! We know you got this!!”. Those words fuel me up and make
me feel like I can achieve anything.

The connection which I share with my kids is the strongest. I understood their moods, likes and dislikes, and even unspoken words. For both my kids, I chose all the toys, clothes, essentials with so much thought and care. And I am glad that listening to my instinct helped me choose the right thing for my babies. During these times, the #SahiWaliFeeling campaign by Huggies which champion’s a mother’s instinct comes to mind, because as mothers we are constantly reeling under the pressures that come with motherhood, and everything can get so stressful. However, trusting our instincts and going with our guts
is often the best thing you can do for yourself and your child! With this campaign, I was finally able to let go of my own hang-ups and self-doubts and truly enjoy my time with my kids.

Cannot forget to mention Huggies which offers the best skincare to my little ones for their delicate skin. The diapers come with unique Bubble-bed technology and absorption, to ensure comfort and care to my babies. You just can’t overlook your little one’s joyful face when he wakes up after an uninterrupted sleep and that too without the trouble of wetness.

Today when I look back, it all seems so magical, I can say, with my kids, I was growing too!! The one incident which I cherish the most is when my 2 years told me adorably that he loves me and I am the best mom!! I wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t parenting as they described in books, I was just listening to my conscience and those words proved that it doesn’t take much to be the best mom. You just have to believe and be there and listen to your heart.

The new-age moms are more aware and educated. We are raising millennials and we want them to have the best. And kids want us to be achievers too and conquer new milestones for ourselves too. My kids are my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to me struggling with setbacks. It’s the invaluable motherly
instinct and the precious mother-child bond which makes every moment of motherhood magical!!

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