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Menstrual blood is not impure – It’s life-giving

Have you ever thought about the place Where you have grown before you came into this physical world? The place before you came in your mother’s arms?

I am talking about the soft and nourishing thick layer of mucus lining- Your mother’s uterus. Your first home which gave you oxygen, first breath and all the nutrients you needed to grow into who you are.

You must be thinking that this isn’t the topic today…..

It is very much related to your birth. If Mensuration is part of a women’s life than it is a part of you as well because you came into existence just because women bleed every month. Mensuration and your birth are interrelated. We openly talk about pregnancy but Why periods/mensuration are surrounded by secrecy.

Mensuration is an occurrence unique to girls just as pregnancy. It is the natural part of the reproductive cycle.

We usually feel embarrassed to ask someone whether they have an extra tampon or pad?

Even in 2018 talking about the period is still taboo. Women are usually mistreated because of their periods…because of archaic ideas about mensural cycles.

Menstrual myths history rooted in our lack of understanding of the human body. We live in a society(male dominating) where the mensural fluid is considered as unwholesome and yucky. The society where we are asked to wrap the pad 4 to 5 times so nobody sees it in the trash.

Here I am putting some myths that I have been hearing since childhood.

Myth: Tampons are not meant for virgins

The level of comfort depends on the person, not on the virginity. The myth is that girls may lose their virginity by using the tampon. I think it’s time to understand that virginity can only go through sex. Using a tampon is totally safe for ladies. They come in different sizes and styles. Check them and take the one which suits you the most. Virginity is a “status” that can only be changed by having intercourse.

Myth: No swimming during periods

Swimming is considered as an unhygienic and uncomfortable activity during periods. But. The fact is that your periods are secured using tampons, and changing them regularly. So don’t worry and take on any activity.

Myth: Period should last for exactly one week

Everyone’s body and the period cycle is different. It’s perfectly fine for a period to last anywhere between three to seven days. A period may be irregular for some reasons (like stress, travelling between time zones, strenuous exercise, illness, drastic changes in weight and diet).

Myth: Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) makes you a different person

PMS symptoms are related to the hormones change through your monthly cycle. Symptoms can be different with varied emotions (like irritability, depression or fatigue, and physical). Cramps and headache are very common at this stage but it doesn’t make you a different person.

Myth: Periods prevent pregnancy

Ovulation is unpredictable and can occur during your period, therefore, it is possible for you to get pregnant when you have your period. Remember that having your period doesn’t prevent the risk of pregnancy.

Myth: You should not cook and eat differently

Entering the kitchen and touching some food like pickle or bread in making can spoil them. General hygiene measures should be followed and you are good to go anywhere. No need to change your diet, you just need to increase iron especially when your periods are heavy.

Myth: Delay in Periods means Good news.

There are innumerable factors that can delay your period. Delay doesn’t mean you’re pregnant. Your period could be late due to stress, health issues, weight gain or loss or other life changes. But if you were sexually active during the period than taking a pregnancy test is a good idea.

Myth: Take rest during the period and avoid exercise

Periods are completely natural and it shouldn’t be the barrier to your exercising schedule. You know dear ladies exercising is a great way of controlling PMS symptoms as it increases the supply of oxygen to your muscles.

Myth: Visiting a doctor is just after the first period

No need to see a gynaecologist until there is a problem with severe pain or bleeding. Typically, women should begin annual exams especially when they become sexually active.

We need to change our mindset to overcome such myths. Mensuration women are not impure, she is healthy and pure. The only way to battle the sexism & discrimination that happens because of women’s mensural cycles is to clear the clouds of myths and superstitions that surround mensuration and affects the roles of women in the society.

Let’s take few steps forward to reach the end of the long road of myths. Let’s break the taboo and encourage others to do the same.



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11 thoughts on “Menstrual blood is not impure – It’s life-giving

  1. I’m so happy that you took away this taboo and brought forth the myths and facts to the readers. So many myths and wrong thinking is present in India , we all need to take that initiative to change the mindset of people.

  2. People are really narrow minded in India and people still don’t talk about periods in public and you have written down the facts and I enjoyed reading your article.

  3. This is such an informative post and I totally agree how hormones can affect menstrual cycle. My mother-in-law told me that back in old days, women were not allowed to enter kitchen when they were on periods. Its a shame that some people in orthodox and conservative families still have so many myths.

  4. It is the mentally that driven from generation to generation. We just need to change such thinking and mentally, so that our next generation canaccept menstruation in right way

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