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Make The Most Out Of Bright Sunny Days With Kids- Summer Activities For Kids

Summers are the best time for kids to let loose and explore. Schools usually have summer vacations and they can enjoy being themselves and spend time with family. I have fond memories of visiting my maternal place during summer vacations.Now as a parent of two beautiful kids, I want my kids to experience the same and help them build these happy memories which they can cherish in the future.

By planning activities for kids for the summers, it helps them to learn so much while playing. They can learn basic life skills, understand family values, bring their imaginations to life, explore the world and do so much more. Having their schedule planned with these activities helps them experience new things and they won’t get bored or just sit infront of screen. Here are some activities you should definitely plan for your kids this summer:

1. Pool Party

Organize a backyard pool party with inflatable pools. They can splash water, have fun and you can treat them chilled fresh juices.

2. Make icecream or popsicles

Beat the heat by indulging them into making some yummy icecream or popsicles. You can lay down all the ingrediets and write down a recipe so they can follow it. Once done, they can devour it and enjoy a little snack time.

3. Stargazing at terrace

Take them to the terrace and find some constellations, who knows if you have lucky you can spot a shooting star as well. Lay down some blankets and pillows and enjoy the summer nights with kids.

4. Explore parks and make new friends.

Take them to your nearby park or garden and let them make friends. This is a great activity to help them socialise and build confidence. You can also plan park dates with their friends as well.

5. Enroll for a summer camp

Summer camps for kids offer various activites for them. They can learn what they are interested in and develop new hobbies as well.

6. Gardening

Use this break time to show them how plants grow. You can buy a sapling or sow a seed with them. They can water the plant and watch it grow. Not only it connects them with nature, it teaches them the importance of having greens around.

7. Go cycling

Roaming around the streets paddling the cycle can be fun. Teach them how to cycle and if they are old enough, they can explore the nearby areas themselves.

8. Farm visit

Take them to a farm where they can experience the farm life. Let them pluck fruits and vegetables or milk a cow. They will enjoy being close to nature and will get to know how food grows.

9. Go for a trip

Make memories by taking them for a family vacation. It can be long vacation or just a beach trip or going for a hike. Travelling gives them an opportunity to be adventurous and experience diffrent styles of living.

10. Art and Craft


Give them colors and canvas and let them paint. Who know you might be raising a Picaso. Summer vacations is a great time for developing vocational skills.

11. Assign them chores

Utilise this time by making kids learn basic life skills. Teach them dusting and cleaning or even cooking. They can help you out while doing their activity and even will get to know how important it is to keep the house organized.

12. Visit a local library

We usually buy books online or from stores. Let them experience the magic of a library. They can pick any book which they like and read there or borrow it for a while. This is a great option for little readers.

All these activites will help kids develop new skills, be confident and just be happy while enjoying their break. Also do not overplan it. Let them get bored and find ways to keep them busy themselves. Have a schedule, but let it loose sometimes. After all its break time for them. And while doing all this, don’t forget to capture these precious moments with them, it will be memories for them when they growp up.

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