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Do I love my kids more than my husband?

Do I love my kids more than my husband?

Before answering this question Lets Say Hello To Fabulous February.

February is a special month of love, roses, cards, devotion, and romance. So I along with 20 other WOMEN bloggers are celebrating #shareURlove series this February. I thank my friend and co-blogger Dipika Singh for introducing me. You would love to read her take on The power of loving yourself.

Do I love my kids more than my husband?

Love Take Action Answer……….

My husband and I share a very honest relationship. He is my friend, my teammate, and my soul mate. He is the only punching bag I have in my life especially on those cat- dog days.  His presence and his love make me feel lucky. We work together to love Mister & Mini. We try to balance our relationship and parenting. Often we juggle between our adult lives and life as parents but we are trying our level best to raise them wisely and happily.  Every day brings new growth and new wonderment in my married life.

So, a few days back my husband and his wife that’s me(I am being humorous) talked about Whom I love more, my kids or my husband, I wasn’t sure but I said “ they’re a crucial part of me. You don’t know what I went through to give them life. He replied, “Thanks for proving me right”. He is very well aware what he means to me and respects my thoughts.

After this short conversation, I asked myself Is It possible to quantify love?

NO, Not at all. I love them all but yes differently. I believe that putting right effort at right time and on right relationship is important.

Before kids, I always hated the fact that moms love their kids more than their husbands. I promised myself that I will love my husband more than anyone. But the moment Mister  & Mini came into my arms, the definition of love changed.  Suddenly Mister  & Mini became my priority. They came into my life for a reason and I need to give them everything.  But does this change make my marriage weak? Do I love my husband less?

I don’t think so. I really don’t feel the need to fight for my husband or protect him the same way I feel I need to protect my kids. Priorities may change but that doesn’t mean that I love my husband less than my kids.  I don’t love them equally. If equal means “same measure” It’s like I compare apples to oranges. Definition of love changes with every relationship.

I love Mister & Mini. I gave birth to them and they gave me joy that threatens to explode my heart every single day.

Yes, I am also a wife, when I see my husband I see love, care, strength, protection, and intelligence. He makes me feel beautiful. I know him and can say proudly that the breadth of his shoulders can take on every burden.

When I see my husband, Mister(Advik) & Mini(Adira) together, the choice is unclear. Do I love my kids more? Do I love my husband more?

The simple truth in my situation is that my husband makes me Who I am and my kids fill all the broken parts of me in ways no one else has or ever could.

So here I wind up my words with a fact that

My husband is my heart.

My son is my soul.

My daughter is my pride.

We share different relationship and I love them differently.

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26 thoughts on “Do I love my kids more than my husband?

  1. you know i often ask myself the same question and i get a similar response from my heart – is it possible to quantify love. I loved reading your blog, every word resonates with how i feel about this situation.

    1. And we were just talking about it the other day na Prisha? This is something to which I too relate to so well It’s like picking between mum and dad for a few. (Some find that too easy to pick) It just goes on to show how much love we have within us to give to the husband and the baby. Not to forget our family and friends who hold a small part of our heart as well

  2. You have hit the cord bang on pretty girl, how many times I have been asked the same question – Mom do you LOVE me more or Dadda? Well the answer pops out without any ready reckon-er but honestly it’s too tough to pick one.
    You have concluded the post on the right statement – One is your heart and kids completes you. Love to you and kiddos.
    Thank you for joining us of #shareURlove.

  3. This is a question every mother struggles with. Is it right or not is subjective. I believe my love for my husband and kids with change and mature with time. When my kids grow up I will give them space and probably bother less for them while with growing age I will want to be near my husband more.

  4. Same question my hubby ask too. Sometime I really think , motherhood is bigger or wife love. It’s true children become priority after motherhood. But I love my whole family.

  5. Nice thoughts on the way we love different people in family. I personally feel that we should love equally. We all are part of one family. There shouldn’t be a case when one person in the family feels less of love. Kids sure do change perspective. But seriously, I think that love can become dangerous as the kids can get on our nerves. So too much love also is bad 🙂
    Anyways it was nice reading ur blog 🙂

  6. Your thoughts have been penned down beautiful..A question which every mothers thinks. As said both are important and are a part and parcel of our lives dear.Loved reading your blog dear

  7. lovely post. it is so interesting how your own perspective and understanding of love has evolved – beautifully! Happy Valentines! Happy celebrating love – all kind of love 🙂

  8. Our kids make us understand the meaning g of relationship and we hold them higher than any one else but having said that’s so true we can never quantify love for anyone

  9. I found myself asking the same question in my mind and got answer something similar. You can’t define love when you share love in many relationships. But apart from that, Love is most important then anything else.

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