List of age appropriate chores for children.

We as parents need to realise that, it is important in these changing times that kids start participating in age appropriate chores for running the house. This not only helps ease the work of us mothers, but it also helps provide them with knowledge of life skills and survival skills Chores for kids.

Kids need to feel important and therefore, need to make a contribution. Once they start doing age appropriate chores for kids, they start feeling important and valued. 

There is no guideline or rule book to getting your kids to help out with the chores. You should start out with small and make fun games out of the chores. Chores that do not age appropriate chores for kids can become frustrating for them, while very easy chores may bore them.

Start off with doing the chore together with your child, and repeating it till they get used to it. Always laugh and make it seem like a fun activity.

Here is a list of the age appropriate chores for 2-3 year old kids, which I make my daughter Adira do:-

Kids of these ages have limited understanding and limited attention span, therefore the chores they can do our limited to-

  • Picking up her toys- after my daughter, Adira plays with her toys, I have always encouraged her and made her put away and pick up all the toys and keep them in the toy box.
  • Picking up her clothes- After the clothes have been folded or dried, I always make sure she picks up her clothes and keeps them in a basket. 
  • Drying her socks and napkins- While she is too small to dry clothes, I make sure she puts socks and napkins on the small cloth hanger and pins it up.

Here’s a list of the age appropriate chores for 4-7-year-old kids-

Watering plants is an age appropriate chores
Watering plants is an age approopriate chore

  • Set the table- I make my son Advik keep all the cutlery and bottles of water on the dining table.
  • Folding of clothes- If you check out my Instagram, you’d see how I have created cardboard cutouts for folding clothes. Not only does he easily fold all his and Adira’s clothes, but he also does it with much excitement and finesse. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to have the kids’ clothes folded!
  • Putting away the vegetables and fruits in the fridge- All the washed vegetables and fruits are now Advik’s job to put away. He loves sorting them according to their colour. While he does hide the vegetables he doesn’t eat, it still is so cute seeing him do it.
  • Menu planning- This may not be a physical chore, but it is still important. I make sure I take his choices into account for the meal plan.

While for me making their bed is a part of their daily routine, this list of chores which littles ones can help out with is a fun and doable list. This age appropriate chore list is by far one of the most fun that I have tried.

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