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Lipa Land: A place where technology, learning and family coincides.

Technology, Is it a boon or a curse. Well, that’s for us to decide on how we use it. Isn’t it? We live in an era where technology cannot be ignored completely, an era, where kids can outsmart a smartphone. Talking about kids, did you know that the American Academy of Paediatrics recommends avoiding using devices with children between 18-24 months? Children between 2 and 5 years old should not use devices for more than an hour a day. Giving positive screen time and keeping a check on the content is extremely crucial in today’s day and time. Then what can one expose a child to?

I recently came across this app called Lipa Land. And I must say my child loves the app. So here are a few pointers on what makes the app a hit.

1. Lipa Land is an app that revolves around a new form of children’s education. It uses games, storytelling and activities to explain the concept out.

2. This unique, playful application is meant for children ages 3 through 6.

3. The entire app is divided into 3 broad spaces – Storytelling, Games and activities.

4. The Space for storytelling is divided into 4 ‘Worlds’ now. Namely: Universe, Pirates, City and Kingdom. Each of these categories is further divided into Easy, Medium and Hard basis the understanding of the child. There are 12 Worlds in total, currently there are 5 worlds – Kingdom, Wizards, City, Universe, Pirates and new worlds will be released regularly. There are audio books also available. That is made available for the ones who cannot read.

5. The second section is for the games. Just like the stories, the section is divided into same 5 categories. Basis the child’s interest and capabilities, you can pick the easy, medium and hard levels. Games help build hand-eye coordination in a very exciting way but they tend to be addicting too. To combat that, there is a time set which can be accessed by parents. This timer allows the parent to allot screen time to the child. After the pre-set time, the game comes to an end. I wish, the timer was password protected. We know how smart kids can get. It takes them very little time to crack through these things.

6. The next section is my favourite – the activity section. Here, you have some really good thought through activities that aid Mums like me. These are crafts, experiments and fun facts that make the app more fun. This section tends to bring the concepts to live by letting the child explore.

7. The last section is the progress. Here, you can check how much has the child progressed and how much they have learnt. 

8. The app is available for apple and android devices. It is available on the play store as well as the apple store.

9. Another part of the app is that the company also helps and the motto charity. Their project “Education is not a privilege but a right” takes the app to remote countries making education more fun for the underprivileged.

10. Still not convinced, they have a free trial for 7 days post which the charges are Rs. 80 per month.

In conclusion, Lipa Land encourages children to become curious. This helps them explore their creativity and build a positive attitude toward learning. Visit https://lipaland.app.link/fyK1dygXoS for more details.

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