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Kids Lunchbox Packing Essentials

I am truly overwhelmed to receive so much of love and support on my lunchbox packing videos I share on @teenycookbook. From preparing all the recipes to selecting the right luchbox and accessories to pack the TeenyTiffin, it has been a journey full of research, trial and errors and lots of planning. I always find new ways to provide nutrition to my picky eaters and these packing essentials have proved to be one the most important aspect of why I always receive an empty tiffin box. Also, I got a lot of queries on my Instagram page regarding where I buy these essentials from and like every mommy, who can’t buy things from store because it takes too much energy and planning with kids, I ordered it all from Amazon. You can also find these things on my Amazon Shop as well. So here’s my packing essentials which you can buy from the comfort of your home.

1. Tiffin Boxes

The tiffin box is the show stopper of school lunch, and it should keep food fresh, at the right temperature and edible. Saugy, mixed and cold food is definitely a no no when it comes to tiffin food. Here are a few options which are tried and tested by me. I keep switching between these boxes based on the number of food items I pack and the hours kids spend at school.

1. Yumbox By Bombay Kids Company

2. Bento Box By Smily Kiddos

3.Stainless Steel Boxes By Ecozoi

4. Steel Lunchbox By Signoraware

5.  Stainless Steel Lunchboxes






2. Lunchbags and Bottles

Keeping the tiffin box in lunchbox has many advantages. It is hyginenic to keep food in these bags, it decreases the chances of any leakeages and spills and makes it easy to carry the lunchbox. The water bottles also should be easy to clean and should be easy to operate for kids.
Here are some options loved by my TeenyTots and me.

1. Insulated Lunchbag

2.Mini Compartment Lunchbag

3.Double Decker Lunchbag

4.Stainless Steel Bottle

5. Spout Bottle

6.Stainless Steel Tumbler

3. Packing & Preparation Essentials

These small but little things makes the food look attractive and makes it possible to present it nicely to kids.

1. Silicon Baking Cups

Helps in keeping food separate. I like to keep sweets, sider snacks in these cups.

2. Crinkle Cutter and Cookie Cutter

This was a game changer for me. My elder one refused fruits which made me experiment with different chopping methods. The crinkle cutter and cookie cutter were a big hit. These are a definite must haves.

3. Cutlery Set & Food Picks

A comfortable to hold kid friendly spoon, fork and knife set and colorful food picks makes it easy for kids to eat the food. These food picks makes the food attractive and also keeps it together. I use it for fruits, mini snacks and even mini burgers.

4. Edible Marker

Though I don’t use this often, but it gives a personalised touch to the food. It is helpful in making those cute little faces on food which brings a smile on kiddos face instantly.

5. Mini Containers

Sauces, chutneys, pickles can be packed in these mini containers which can easily fit in the tiffin box.

6. Baking and Cooking Paper Roll and Ziplock Bags

For rolls and wraps, I keep these papers and it makes it easy for kids to eat. The ziplock bags helps me store overnight chopped veggies.

I am super excited for you to try these packing essentials and pack that perfect tiffin box for your kids. Do check out the links to purchase them and also follow me on @myteenytot and @teenycookbook.

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