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How To Limit Child’s Screen time during Lock down ?

The spread of COVID-19 has brought many changes in our life. Parents are now working from home and children are doing online classes. As children can’t play outside, so they have switched over to TV/Mobile phones. Being a mother, I was quite concerned about the adverse effect of increased screen time on the health of my kid.

Therefore, I adopted some effective method to limit his screen time and I will be sharing the same with you in this article.

1)      Set a schedule: Make a proper schedule when the kid is allowed to watch TV/ play games on mobile. For example, 30 minutes before shower or 60 minutes before eating dinner. This works with most of the kids. This will help you keep track of their screen time and make them more disciplined.

2)      Indulge In A Hobby: Try to find out what your child loves. Let it be painting, sketching, singing, or any other activity. Encourage him/her to pursue the same in free time. Do appreciate kid for his/her small efforts.

3)      Play Games: Play some indoor board games with your kids to keep them engaged or you can play games like badminton, football, etc., in your garden area. Games are important for their all-around development.

4)      Set A Good Example: Mostly kids follow their parents. A parent’s smartphone use can affect a child’s behavior. So, it is important to set a good example and limit your own screen time.

Technology plays a bigger role in our society and kids needs to know about these opportunities and ideas. But as a parent, we should set boundaries so they have the time and freedom to do things kids are supposed to do. 

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