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How To Include Paneer In Kids Tiffin- Lunchbox Ideas

Leave all your tiffin worries aside, because I am sharing all new droolworthy tiffin box packing ideas which kids would love. Ever since I started being a little innovative with the lunch box, my kids have been happily enjoying their school time and they look forward to what’s in their tiffin. I have trying out easy and quick recipes for a while which does not take up too much time in the kitchen during morning and is also healthy and nourishing.

While experimenting I got to know that kids love paneer and it is full of protein as well. Adding it to their tiffin makes a perfect powerpacked nutritious meal. Here are some ideas by which paneer can be included in the tiffin.

Tiffin Box 1: Paneer Sandwich, Cucumber, Cake, Fruits

Paneer sandwich is very filling and full of protein. Paneer is usually loved by all the kids and preparing a sandwich with it is a win win combination. Along with it, I have included cucumber sticks and some cake as a treat. For the fruit box, there are seasonal fruits.

Tiffin Box 2: Paneer Roti Wrap, Almonds, Orange, Chocolate Swiss Roll


For days when you know they will be physically active in active, paneer roti wrap is an excellent option. Saute paneer with veggies and sauces and wrap it in crisp rotis. For the treat, I have included chocolate swiss roll and handful of almonds and some orange.

Tiffin Box 3 : Paneer Burger, Caramalised Banana with chia seeds, Makhana

Make cute mini burgers with paneer patty and a filling with curd, grated cucumber and carrot. Burgers are very attractive for kids and adding paneer patty to it makes it nutritious. To add some sweetness to the tiffin, pack caramalised banana seasoned with chia seeds and roasted banana for the crunch.

Tiffin Box 4: Paneer Fried Rice, Orange, Chocos

Rice makes up for a light yet filling meal and the taste of fried rice suits kids palate. Add some sauted paneer to it and a yummy healthy meal will keep going throughout the school hours. Include orange with it and some chocos as a treat.

By making small tweaks in our regular recipes, we can add in paneer in it and make protein rich. Also, make sure to use freshly prepared paneer and if you find that it has hardened because of refrigeration, soak it in warm water for a couple of minutes and it will be spongy soft again. For more tiffin box ideas and kid friendly recipes, head over to @teenycookbook. You can also connect with me and a peek in my life by following my stories on @myteenytot.

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