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How to deal with unnecessary demands of kids?

How to deal with unnecessary demands of kids?

Mr. A – Mumma I want that car.

Mom – …but you have lots of car at home.

Mr. A-Ok Mumma. I want that ball.

Mom – Why do you want that ball when you already have.

Mr. A- I want this…I want that

I was literally fed up with giving him the reasons not to buy unnecessary things. It’s not about money always but it’s more about the necessary and unnecessary things. My 3-year-old will demand a toy, bag, candy or any random object which looks attractive.

I want him to stop this “Give me this and Give me that” without losing my sanity.

Am I not giving him enough? Am I raising a greedy child?

These two questions were killing me. I asked my husband that what can we do to control his emotions towards materialistic things.

He told me that he is too small to control his emotions and differentiate between want and need.

Even we adults struggle with the same issue where we want everything. We see we think and then we buy only if its required but kids see and start begging.

We tried a few methods to deal with his demands and some of them worked for us. Here are some tips which may help you in such situation.

Simply Say No 

I know it’s not easy. Our love for little ones is so high that we want to give them everything they desire for. Giving them the things they want is simple but making them understand the need of the thing is difficult. When you say yes after tantrums or whole loud scene, you are giving your child space to throw it again. Firmly say ‘NO’ and later you can make him understand the reason behind your No.

Set a limit and stick to them

While getting him ready for the outing or sitting in the car tell your child “Baby we’ll buy bread and butter, not toys. Today we’ll buy a car for you, nothing else. Please be a smart child and don’t demand unnecessary stuff. Setting a limit is very important.

 Be ready to leave

If your child doesn’t listen to you after all the warnings, just be strong and leave. If your child is begging up loudly and throwing all sort of tantrums, just leave without giving a second thought

Make a wishlist

It’s difficult to make him understand the value of money. So if he asks for some expensive gift and you think that its worth then ask him to add this in his wishlist- may be birthday list. He will feel that his wishes are important to you and gradually he will understand the importance of money.

Reward him with his favorite food or activities

If your child is behaving too good and you want to buy something for him then go for his favorite food or activities and avoid buying toys. You can treat him with a small candy or some extra cycling time. Treat them with your time rather than objects.

We need to take small steps to make them understand how temptation works. Everyone is tempted by something or the other but teaching them to resist things starts when we take some flexible and some strict decisions.

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  1. ‘Differentiating between want and need’ liked it 🙂 whenever they score good marks or take part in school activities or agree to join musical classes or finishes kids book which you have borrowed from the library then give them something that they have asked long back and never got it. That makes them do more and more to get their desired things 🙂

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