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How to Celebrate Festival of Colors With Kids- A guide for happy & safe Holi.

Holi is one of the most playful festival of India. Holi heralds the arrival of spring after winter and there are many mythological stories attached to this colorful day as well. Traditionally celebrated with flowers and sandalwood powder, it is one of those festivals which kids enjoy the most. For us parents, celebrating the festivals helps in connecting kids with our roots and introducing them to our culture and they get to know various traditions as well.

Over the time, there have been many modifications in the way how we celebrate holi. Artificial synthetic colors took place of natural flowers. For kids, sometimes it gets confusing to understand the motive behind the celebration in all the hurly burly. So I have found some easy ways to make holi a memorable and meaningful experience for kids and parents as well.


1. Play under supervision
Make sure you or an adult family member is looking after kids while they are playing holi. There are incidents of children swallowing colors or getting hit by water guns and ballons which can lead to serious injuries. Also it is important to teach kids about safe and unsafe touch to avoid any unwanted situations.

2. Use natural colors only
Synthetic artificial colors stains the skin and can even cause skin reactions. Also, avoid encouraging kids to play with mud. To make natural colors at home, add some beetroot puree to wheat flour, spinach juice to wheat flour and turmeric powder to chickpea flour resectively. Make a paste using little water and spead the mixtures on separate plates. Let them dry and grind them into smooth powder. You will get all natural red, green and yellow powder which won’t harm skin. They are sustainable and eco friendly as well.

3. Gear up with protective clothing
Wear full sleeved clothes and full pants which cover the whole body. Make kids wear goggles to protect their eyes. Taking these precautions will ensure that skin is protected throughout. It also helps in avoiding tanning as mostly the celebration is in open areas.

4. Watch out on their food and water
All the holi delicacies will make kids drool. But overeating can upset their stomach.So keep a check on their food while they play. Also, before eating, wash their hands to avoid ingesting any colors. Keep them hydrated throughout with sipper bottles filled with lemonade or water.

5. Respect their choice
For kids, so many colors and chaos can be overwhelming. Even if you have prepared them well mentally, on the actual day, if they refuse to play with colors, do mot force them. Also teach them to ask before applying colors on anyone. It is the festival of compassion and friendship and should be celebrated that way only.


Keeping these points in mind, make sure to not miss out on all the fun and playfulness of the festival. Celebrating festivals brings the whole family together and kids can bond with their cousins and friends better. So go out, paint the town in all the beautiful festive colors and gorge on all the delicious savouries and sweets.

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