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Having A Hard Day? Do not let it lose your cool

Everyone of us has those days when nothing seems right and no matter how much your try, it gets worse. Work pressure, family responsibilities and finding a balance between personal and proffessional life can get challenging and overwhelming. When you have so much on your plate and life seems to be getting harder at each step, know that its time to take a step back and remember that its just a difficult situation and with time and efforts it will get better. Personally, I see myself juggling between mommy duties, house chore and work deadlines quite often and have developed ways to cope with mental breakdowns and draining energy.

The first and foremost thing you need to do on a hard day is to accept it. Accepting your emotions is the first step to deal with any tough situation. Being conscious about your feelings and situation around you and letting things fall in place is what you should focus on.

Also, try to not push yourself to solve everything. Start with small tasks which you think would be easy to finish. When you see getting things done, you feel a sense of accomplishment making it easy to go through the day.

Remember to engergise yourself. We all know that to win a battle, we need to be well equiped with all the resources. Here, the main resource is you. So take a deep breath, drink a glass of chilled water, feed yourself some good food and get going. Quick meditation, a hot shower, little bit of streching also helps in staying calm and focussed.

One strong tactic to tackle a tough day is visualising. Instead of thinking about all the things which are going wrong, try to visualise about all the good things. Sometimes difficult days are a blessing in disguise. Be grateful of the challenges it throws at you to make you strong and find ways to make yourself comfortable and relaxed.

Talking to a friend or mentor, writing down your thoughts and analyzing the situation will make it easy to face the challenging day and stay relaxed. A little guidance from someone who has been through such condition, or just venting it out makes you feel lighter.

Above all, remember that it is just a tough day which will end and there will be a new sunrise with lots of opportunities and happiness. So smile, stay clam and have faith in yourself.

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