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Halloween Celebration Ideas

Halloween is a holiday/festival celebrated on 31st October every year. The origin of this tradition is from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. People used to light bonfires and dressed up as ghosts. To honor all the saints, Pope Gregory lll designated 1st November. The evening before this is called Hallows Eve or Halloween.

Halloween is mostly celebrated by Western Christians and non-Christians to remember saints, martyrs, and faithful departed believers. This day is a symbol of ending the summer and harvest and the beginning of cold and dark winter. Later, this day evolved into lots of activities like trick or treat, festive gathering, donning costumes, carving jack – o – lanterns, etc.

Halloween was initially celebrated in Europe, later it became popular in North America and then across the nation and now across the world. Let’s check a few amazing Halloween Celebration Ideas.

Halloween celebration

Halloween Celebration Ideas,  Halloween party Ideas
Halloween Celebration Ideas

This is being celebrated differently across the world. However, there are some activities which are common everywhere.

Dressing up in the costumes of ghosts, witches, monsters, and devils to scare away harmful spirits. Nowadays people also wear costumes of their favorite character or superhero to increase the fun.

On this day they tell scary tales to each other. Kids go door to door for Trick and Treating. They ask for yummy treats like snacks and candies from the neighborhood. If no treatment is given, they can play a trick on them.

When kids are busy with the above tradition, elders of the house pray for peace.

One of the famous and most popular ways is to carve a pumpkin in a jack-0-lantern. That means to make a scary face out of the pumpkin. They place it in front of their houses to scare the evil spirit.

Like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, Halloween is also becoming a special festival in India. Especially in Delhi and Mumbai,  pubs and hotels offer scary theme parties to attract customers. Here, its craze is high, especially among the youth.

The craze is so high that people started decorating their houses like in western countries.

Houses are adorned with many decorative items such as Jack O’ Lanterns, bats, graves, skeletons, skulls, zombies, and various ghost avatars.

Halloween Celebration Ideas

So here I am going to tell you 4 simple and spooky Halloween Celebration Ideas to prepare your house for Halloween.

1. Painting your plants black

If you can get some dried plants or semi-dried plants, get them painted black. Also, Paint the vase or plant holder with black color.

It instantly adds drama to your space and gives that a spooky look. You can use them as your centerpiece.

2. Good use of GooGly Eyes

Broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower, kiwi, coconuts, etc are something that is easily available at home. You can use them for Halloween decor. Just add some Googly eyes and you are good to go.

3. Spider web glasses

With the use of puff paint, you can draw a spider web on your plastic or glass tumblers. It can give them a Halloween look and make your Halloween party more spooky.

4. Use of Pumpkin

If you want your house to have an over-the-top look like I do, using a pumpkin is the best option.

Fill a carved pumpkin with grasses, stones, veggies, and everything that makes it look spooky. Use your creative skills. Do not forget to add a white ping pong ball as a full moon ?.

You can easily hang it with the help of a thin string.

This celebration of people visiting haunted houses and enjoying pubs has been put on hold because of COVID 19.

Halloween Fun Activities

Now, we are still in better condition but the ones who want to take the precaution of not going out and staying indoors. Not to worry !! I have a few activities for y’all to make your Halloween ? more spooky.

1. Bursting balloons

Get some orange balloons, fill them with Halloween theme surprise gifts. Blow them and tie them with a green ribbon or attach a green crafted sheet at the spot where you tie it. Make spooky faces on them.

Play a game with your kids and let them burst the balloons to get their gifts.

Isn’t it fun!!

2. Treasure Hunt

Deck your hall or maybe one room with a Halloween theme. Hide some objects of your choice ( it could be gifts or themed objects ). Give them the list or clues of the items you have hidden. Send your kids on a treasure hunt. It will make them busy for a long time and they will have lots of fun. You can include their friends in this. More the merrier.

3. Spooky musical chair

Get your kids dressed up in Halloween-themed dresses. Gather your family for the musical chair game. Make sure they all are in the costumes too. You can decorate the chairs with a Halloween theme. Play the spookiest music you can find.  When the music stops, let every kid grab their seats. Remove one chair on every round.

4. Make Mummies

The one thing you need for this game is toilet paper. Actually a lot of them.

Splits into teams. Pick one person from each team to be the mummy. Others will wrap him/ her in toilet paper until they actually look like a mummy. The team which takes less time wins. Later you can have a mummy race to keep the fun going.

See!! Being at home can actually be fun this Halloween. This is the best time to show your creativity to decor your house and make this festival more fun than ever

Happy Halloween ?

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