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Gender Sensitivity – A Concern That Needs An Action.

The International women’s day 2019, which was celebrated on 8th March, was an amazing day for me, as I celebrated it with one of my favorite brand Ariel and renowned TV personalities – Ravi Dubey & Sargun Mehta, who were also there at the event to witness ‘ShareTheLoad’ campaign, addressing the importance of Gender Equality. The event held in Delhi and this is the third successful equality campaign by Ariel.  In this campaign the brand endorse to teach about the gender equality at home. So that the sons can also be a helping hand to their mother just like the daughters. The brand also organized a screening of ‘Captain Marvel’ movie and an interactive session with celebrities at the event. It was truly a fruitful day for me and my friends – Indeed, a special day as well.

The celebrity couple shared their viewpoint at the event on the importance of sharing the load. They shared their personal life experiences of how they share the household responsibilities equally to balance in their busy schedule for their successful career. Ravi Dubey candidly credited his mother for teaching him about doing the household activities/duties. 

I must say this “Share The Load” campaign is really a brilliant initiative by Ariel India. With this initiative they want to encourage people to share the responsibilities equally at home. Yes that’s a good mantra for a happier family. Sharing is caring and it’s good to do it together with the support from each other. 

As shown in the Captain marvel movie, we woman are truly a superwoman. We are an efficient multitasker and fulfill all our responsibilities perfectly. Meanwhile if we get the support of our dear ones, we can realise our full potential and hence can achieve a lot more. That’s what the Ariel’s ‘Share The Load’ Campaign is all about. It questions the thinking that household chores are only a woman’s job.  Through this campaign Ariel put forwards an idea that is relevant to all the strata of the society and at the same time builds a call for action not merely in the professional world but at home as well.

By seeing this Ariel’s #sharetheload video  I too realized it is important that we should teach the importance of gender equality to our kids. Like I am sharing some example if we are buying something for our kids like birthday gifts, bags, tiffin boxes etc. we should choose that without any gender bias. 

We should always let our kids know that why equality is important between both girls & boys. It’s time that everyone should understand that it’s not only a women duty to do the household chores but it’s the duty of the men also to step up and Share The Load at home with her and make her feel like Superwomen. 

Have you too seen the #ShareTheLoad ad by Ariel?

How do you feel about Gender Equality? 

Do you feel that laundry responsibility is for women only ?

Do share what’s your thoughts regarding this ? 

Know more about the initiative #ShareTheLoad here.

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