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Funskool – Perfect Range Of Toys For Kids

Happiness is when my kids received these amazing products from Funskool. It is an all-new range of toys from GIGGLES which offer countless hours of joy to infants and preschoolers.

Giggles has been designed to be completely safe for the children and give the opportunity to learn something new in different ways with their amazing products. I received 5 products from them, which are sure to help my children to learn.

I am sharing the details about these amazing products from my experience

My First Easel:-

This is crafted from wood which comes with a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic board on the other side. This chalkboard will ensure to keep the kids engaged while drawing & writing and the magnetic board helps in developing early reading, writing and counting skills. In fact, by using the clips over the chalkboard you can hold paper which is easily transformed into a canvas for my kids. It comes with a child lock and can be folded flat for easy storage. 

Musical Snail:-

This Musical Snail toy comes with a drum and xylophone, which introduces a toddler to the amazing world of music, encourage curiosity & discovery. The best toy which inspires talent for music while developing cognitive and motor skills of our kids. 

Kitchen Set Deluxe:-

This kitchen set that comprises of 19 pieces of utensils aids inspires kids to love the art of cooking from an early age. We can get engage with them by pretending cooking, we can start with the rice cooker to prepare steam rice and can use the utensils for making delicious curries. The chopping board can be used to prepare vegetables. We can give them the ideas of healthy and nutritious food/diets with the help of this kitchen set. 

Shape Sorting Bus:-

This toy gives our child a unique learning and playing experience. It comes with five blocks of different colors and shapes with bead inside designed to rattle and attract our kid’s attention. We can match the blocks of different colors with our kids, can get our kids to engage with the rattling of the beads inside the blocks. The best part is it can be used by infants too who are more than 6 months and it’s safe for our children. 

Link, Stack, and Best Toy Set:- 

This toy comes in three sets which are Chain Links, Stacking Drums and Nesting Eggs which are of different colors, shapes, and sizes which is made from light weighted and durable materials. It helps to teach our toddlers to learn about the color association, early maths and problem-solving, a high-grade safe toy it is. 

So overall experience of mine with my kids with all these toys are really an amazing one. Now these toys from GIGGLES has become the first love for my kids. All thanks to FUNSKOOL for introducing us with this amazing range of products which are safe for our kids. These are truly a perfect range of toys from GIGGLES.

Note – This is a Sponsored post but views shared are based on my own experience.

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