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Dussehra activity For Kids

Our country ( India) has its own inquisitive mix of festivals and seldom does one come along with so many different facets to it. Dussehra festival is one of its kind. It is the happiest and holy occasion for Hindus. It is the end of the Navratri and Durga pooja.

While we adults take sometimes to understand the various ways Navratri and Dussehra are celebrated across the country, then imagine explaining the significance of a festival to a toddler or a growing kid. 

I realized it when I was trying to explain to my kids why we celebrate this festival for nine days and what we do at the end of it.

So, I thought ” why don’t I make it fun ” and share it with you all to feed your kids’ curious minds.

Dussehra activity For Kids

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Dussehra Activities

1. Saraswati Pooja

This is one of the most important aspects of the Dussehra celebration. In Saraswati Pooja, we worship books and the symbol of the goddess Saraswati. It helps us to make kids learn about the value of books and good things which they inculcate in their lives.

2. Shooting the effigy of Ravana

This activity helps kids to promise themselves to destroy all the bad qualities from within. You can tell them that the effigy of Ravana symbolizes the bad qualities.

3. Story Telling 

You can arrange a get-together with other kids and organize a storytelling session on Dussehra. This can help you to explain the importance of this festival to your child with other kids in a fun way 

4. Rangoli Making 

This is an exciting activity for kids. They always enjoy playing with colors. You can use traditional rangoli colors or flower petals to make the rangoli. This way you can tell your kids that making rangoli is said to invite happiness, peace, and prosperity in the house.

5. Packing of Gifts

Dussehra is said to be a new beginning and people exchange gifts and goodies to their family and friends on this auspicious day.  Let them be a part of your gift packing task. This will help them improve their fine motor skill and they will learn the joy of giving.

6. Mithai making (sweet making)

In our country, no festival is complete without sweets. Eating, receiving, and giving sweets is like a tradition here.

Children particularly look forward to it so that they can gobble as many sweets as possible. You can include them in your mithai peroration. This way they will understand the importance of teamwork.

7. Puppet Show

By making simple hand puppets of lord Rama and demon Ravana you can easily showcase the message of good over evil.

8. Traditional outfits

This is one of the most colorful ways to celebrate any festival. Dressing up in traditional attire gives them an awesome festive feel.

9. Visiting fair

Fairs are organized on the occasion of Navratri n Dussehra. Visiting these fairs is the best way to let children learn about our tradition and culture. By doing this dussehra activity they can enjoy various traditional activities and other cultural things which are not available in any amusement park.

These are some ideas for you and your kids which will surely help you. Let me know which Dussehra activity you are going to try when your kid will ask you about the festivals!!


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