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Don’t spend hours in cleaning up after celebrating Holi- Prep your Skin & Hair for the festival of colors.

The vibrant colors, the cheerful environment and lots of yummy food to relish- Holi is just few days away. In all the excitement and preparations, it is essential to take care of skin and hair while playing with all the colors. I have spent hours cleaning up the skin and hair after reveling with holi colors which takes away all the fun of the entire day. But with some research and experimentations, now I know exactly how to prepare skin and hair before indulging in the holi vibe. These are also safe for kids as well and I highly recommend spending a little time in  taking care of skin and hair before playing holi.

1. Oil massage

Apply a mixture of coconut, almond and olive oil on hairs. For hands and legs, moisturise with coconut oil with a few drops of geranium essential oil. Oil acts as protective skin barrier and doesn’t let the colors penetrate into the skin.

2. Ice cube on face

It is tough to scrub off holi color stain on face. To avoid the acne outburts because of the colors, rub a ice cube on face for five minutes. This closes the pores and protects the skin. For kids, drench a clean napkin in cold water and keep it on their face for 2-3 minutes.

3. Sunscreen to the rescue

The damage of uv rays and heat needs lots of time to repair. Apply a generous amount of waterproof sunscreen on all the exposed skin to avoid any tanning and sun burn.

4. Paint the nails

A thick coat of good nail paint ensures that nails are not effected by the colors. Also, trim down your nails so that the colors don’t settle in. It is important to take care of your nails while playing holi as it can be dangerous if you ingest any colors while eating food. Once you apply the nail paint, and step out to play, rub some olive oil on the cuticles.

5. Petroleum Jelly for ears, eyes, nose and lips

Apply a coat of petroleum jelly under the eyes, around the ears, in the nostrils, and on the lips.

6. Tie your hair

The best way to protect hair is by oliling them and tying them a hairstyle. A braid or a bun are my go to hairstyles. Even covering the head with a bandana or a scarf looks stylish and protects your hair as well.

7. Avoid scrubbing off the colors

Often to remove the color stains, we tend to scrub the skin harshly. Avoid scrubing and use a hydrating mask instead. A homemade mask of  chickpea flour,malai and milk can effectively remove the color and even nourishes the skin.

8. Use gentle cleansers only

Clean up with gentle shampoo and bodywash. Avoid harsh soaps or potent fomulas which can damage the skin.

Not to forget wearing full sleeved cotton clothes and adequate hydration while playing holi. Taking these small steps before and after enjoying with the colors will keep skin and hair healthy and damage free.

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