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DIY Hair Care packs for Summer hair

The sweat of summers, that sharpness in the air, the endless cosying in shorts and staying indoors. The snuggling with mister and mini, the cooking of favourite fruit dishes, summer indeed is special. But as soon as summer sets in, the most pressing worry that we have is how to take care of our hair in summers, especially DIY hair care. 

It’s said that a bad hair day is good enough to bring even the strongest of women to her heels. It can just ruin your day, whereas a good hair day can lift spirits, even on a gloomy day. HEY! I don’t say this, this is a time tested women tale. Therefore summer DIY hair care tips are what concerns most of us women.

Post pregnancy fab hair with DIY hair care
My hairs thanked me post delivery for the love I gave them with my DIY hair care

Well, the most pressing problem due to hot winds are breakage and split ends. This is caused due to excessive sweat buildup from the humid or dry winds, friction caused by wearing caps and hats. Not only does our hair become frizzy and static, but it also loses shine and lustre.

While this definitely is a heartbreaking problem, fear not, I have some simple DIY hair care tips. These tips will help alleviate your worries on how to take care of your hair in the summers.

Fabulous beach hair with my DIY hair care
Beach hair ready!
  • Moisturise your hair- Oil your hair-  The dehydrating and drying effect of summer causes the scalp and the tresses to dry out. Therefore, it is important to do a hot oil hair massage at least once a week. The oils I prefer using are a mix of olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil. Not only does this relieve me of my stress, but it also penetrates deep, promotes hair growth and brings back moisture.

  • Avoid frequent hair wash- As summer heat is already burning our hair, washing our hair rather frequently will cause the existing natural oils and moisture to deplete further. This causes even more breakage. Therefore, one should only wash the hair after oiling or a hair pack. This is the most important summer hair care tip I have learnt from my mom.

  • Deep Conditioning Packs- while most of our summer hair care tips include conditioning our hair after shampoo, I lay emphasis on applying a deeply nourishing hair pack for summers. 
    1. Curd, mustard oil and a vitamin 3 capsule- This is the most easily available and nourishing hair pack.
      Just use curd at room temperature, mix with half the amount of mustard oil. Leave the hair pack for 30 mins and then wash off with a gentle shampoo.

    2. One egg, olive oil and honey- make a pack of all three of them, where the other two are mixed in equal quantities. Apply on to the hair. Rinse off after 30 mins.
      Not only does it add the moisture your dry hair needs, oh the shine and bounce it gives is wow.

    3. Aloe Vera, lemon juice and a banana- Blitz this all up in a mix and apply this pack on your hair, leave on for 30 mins.
      This is a summer and summer hair pack that just makes the hair super smooth or soft and adds bounce to the static hair.

Other important things to note are-

  1. Not to use a heat styling product
  2. Buy caps or scarves in silk as silk reduces friction and therefore breakage.
  3. Drink a lot of water, to combat external dehydration, one needs to internally be hydrated.

I hope I have given you some idea on how to take care of your hair in summers. Let’s pamper ourselves and have a happy summer.

All the winter tips and tricks that I have learnt have come from kesh king

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