Top 9 Diwali Activities for kids

Diwali, from the past couple of years, is a little different due to COVID. Visiting less with your family members, limited celebrations with colleagues. The same goes with the kids because schools are not open properly and they will miss celebrating this festival with their friends. So, it’s our responsibility to light up their Diwali and make it special. Here are some Diwali Activities for kids in which you can involve your kids and make their Diwali interesting.

Diwali Activities for kids

Diwali Activities for kids, Activities for kids
Diwali Activities for kids

1. 3D Paper Diyas

Art and craft is always a kid’s favorite!! Diwali being the festival of light, making 3D paper diyas on this occasion is such a great idea.  3D art triggers a child’s curiosity and explanatory skills. You can make as many diyas as you want, attach them with a string of thread and hang them all around your house. That way your kids feel involved in house decoration.

2. Making Paper cup lanterns

We all use a serial light on Diwali. To make them different from others and give a special effect, make some paper lanterns with your kids. Let them show their coloring skills. Attaching those lanterns with your serial lights could give your house a complete makeover.

3. Rangoli with dry chalk powder and colors

Take white chalk and make a design for your kids. You can search for simple and broad designs which are easy for kids to fill in the colors. Guide them with the colors to make it teamwork. Let kids play with the colors.

4. Diwali Display

This is again a very creative activity for kids. To make Diwali a larger topic, a display can be a good option. Let kids show their creativity in art. Kids are very innovative. They surprise you with their designs and ideas. If you have smaller kids, You can give them an already printed or designed sheet to color them.

5. Card Making

Exchanging gifts is also a part of Diwali. So why not engage kids in making Diwali cards. It’s a great way to tell kids the importance of personalized gifts which are full of emotions and love. So what are you waiting for, grab your colored papers and let’s get cracking!!

6. Candle Making

Get your kids some glass, glitter, glue, and candles. Sit and watch how they express their creativity!! You can also help your kids with their creative skills and make it more fun. These candles could be a part of your rangoli decoration. This makes kids feel more involved with you.

7. Story Telling

This is one of the best activities and my personal favorite. Telling them about the festivals in the form of stories is always fun. This way kids feel more connected to you and to the festivals they are celebrating. This helps us to tell kids about the culture across the world.

8. Cooking with family

No festival is complete without yummy food. Make some delicious cuisines and traditional food and involve your entire family in this. You can choose some fireless recipes and engage kids with you. They will be your happy helper.

9. Making the Diwali Green

Burning firecrackers on Diwali is an emotion. But we can’t ignore the climate change in the last decade. There is a need to educate our kids about this. You can avoid purchasing fireworks this year. Instead, you can involve them in innovative ideas like making paper firecrackers and hanging them around the house. It will give a festive feel. Kids can be a part of decorating the house with lights and flowers.

You can do a lot with the kids. They learn from everything around them. Festivals are a great way to bring out their creative side.

I hope this festival will bring you lots of light in your lives.

Happy festivals!!!



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