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Delicious Restuarant Style Veg Cigars Recipe

When it comes to eating vegetables, most of the kids tend to refuse it in their meals. But including vegetables in their diet is important for their health. And who thought even the boring plain vegetables can be turned into a dish that kida would demand for. Irresistably delish crispy fried rolls of colorful vegetables rolled delicately in tortillas is all the things what evening snack dreams are made of. Vegetable Cigars are descendants of traditional spring rolls and are easy and quick to prepare.

Vegetable Cigars is cherished at home and everyone enjoys it. I make them during get togethers and house parties as well as these are great starters and are very flavourful.


🌯 1/2 each of red and green bellpeppers diced
🌯1/2 medium sized onion finely chopped
🌯1/4 medium green cabbage finely chopped
🌯1/4 cup boiled corn kernels
🌯 15gm grated processed cheese
🌯 A pinch each of black pepper powder, red chilli flakes & oregano
🌯 Salt to taste
🌯 2 tablespoon butter
🌯 1/2 cup all purpose flour/maida
🌯 Water
🌯 4-5 tortillas/roti/bread
🌯 1/4 cup bread crumbs
🌯 Oil to fry


1. In a pan, heat butter and saute onions, red and green bellpepers, cabbage and corn kernels.

2. Season the vegetables with black pepper powder, red chilli flakes and salt. Cover the pan with lid and let the vegetables cook on medium heat for 2 minutes.


3. Add grated cheese and oregano to the vegetables and mix well. Keep this aside.

4. Prepare a thick slurry by mixing flour and water. Cut tortillas into square shape and place around 2 tablespoon vegetable mixture on it and roll it tightly.

5. Seal the edge of the tortilla roll with slurry. Dip the roll in slurry and coat it evenly with bread crumbs. Deep fry on medium heat untill golden brown and crisp.



These droolworthy cigars tastes best when served piping hot with chilli sauce or ketchup and will surely be loved by kids and adults alike. It makes for the perfect party snack too, complimenting those aperitivo hours beautifully.

You can watch the process on @teenycookbook on instagram and even get to know more such recipes on the page. Do try out this quick and simple but very delicious vegetable cigars.

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