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Christmas party in 2020 Covid ideas

The cold breeze has set in, the season’s favorite food products are here, the nip in the air has all of us reaching for the blanket, but it also reminds us that we are in time for every child’s favorite time of the year, Christmas. I have been thinking of Christmas ideas for 2020 in these COVID times, especially celebrating Christmas with kids in pandemic situations. It first seemed as a difficult talk, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like a doable and rather fun activity for kids in winter break 2020. 

As we know most of the children are being schooled through video schooling, they are always at home, but christmas holidays during pandemic can affect not just them, but also their parents. We just need to get creative and think of ideas and things to do with kids for christmas 2020. I am so hung up on talking about 2020, because it is a landmark year, which is making us parents think out of the box and get creative, even those parents who weren’t creative.

Well last year Christmas might have been all about visiting carnivals, going to the malls, eating out, ordering a lot of decorations, this 2020 DIY christmas party for kids is on my plan. So here’s my plan to make kids christmas this year memorable and worthy-

DIY Christmas Decorations- This year my house will be a postcard from hallmark’s, as I am planning to engage my kids with some great DIY christmas decorations. We are going to be making a Christmas tree from the craft supplies, rolling in paper, cutting in pipe cleaners and sticking on the paper to resemble the branches. Then we are going to use blocks, and other waste products to colour and glitter create ornaments.

Write a Letter to Santa– My kids are writing a letter to Santa to pray for the pandemic to get over, the world to heal and a list of the naughty and nice things they have done as a check to know what they want is what they are going to get. This is my cheat way of knowing what to buy them.

Baking at home- We are not getting any Christmas cakes or cookies from outsides. With a cup of hot chocolate warming our souls, we will be becoming bakers this season.

Catching up on Movies- No Christmas party for kids in 2020 can be complete without watching a lot of Christmas and cartoon movies with them, with hot popcorn and blankets and snuggles.

We are going to create DIY carnival games at home- Yes yes yes! From making a race car sheet, to having ‘can the can’, to playing ring the nose, we are doing all the games at home.

Who said it is not possible to have fun with kids at home during Christmas? I am brimming with ideas and am so excited to be able to have a Christmas party for kids in 2020 at home and with health and yuletide spirits on our side. It is togetherness and blessings that count, right?

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