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How do you choose which toys are right for 3 years old?

Your kid’s play is now more focused. She’ll start to love to pretend play that copies the actions of people around her. She may like push toys or may like high-tech toys with sound.

They learn by doing and play gives your child a great chance to develop and exercise new skills at her own pace by following her interest. The toys play a very important role and should be chosen wisely because Pre-schoolers have extended attention spans than toddlers. Normally, they talk a lot and ask a lot of questions. They want to learn everything.

Now choosing toys for them can be tough. It looks simple, as you walk into a store and can easily get one for your child. But choosing right and engaging toys can be tough. I always prefer simple and age appropriate toys for my kids. Remember kids learn better in an open environment with fewer toys. So choose what suits.

Now the question is How do you choose which toys are right for your child?

This article will definitely help you in choosing the right toys that will challenge her, and cultivate her thinking, physical, verbal, and social-emotional skills.

Toys for 3 years and above
  • Problem-solving toys – Puzzles, blocks for building the simple and complexed structure, shape sorter, color sorter etc.
  • Things for Pretend play – Doctor set, transportation toys, furniture through which they can make a mini apartment, kitchen set, dolls with accessories, dress up clothes, water play toys.
  • Open-ended toys- Toys like wooden stacker, soft toys, Legos, Magnetic tiles.
  • Things to create with—Paint, Paintbrushes, finger painting, paint with rollers, large and small crayons and markers, large and small paper for drawing and painting, scissors, chalkboard, modeling clay and playdough,  modeling tools, and musical instruments.
  • Picture books with fewer words for toddlers and with more words and more detailed pictures for pre-schooler.
  • Play rhyme for them in a recorder or a TV. (Limited Screen time is needed for better exposure and imagination)
  • Things to enhance different skills or use of small and big muscles – Kicking and throwing large or small balls, ridders, tunnels, tricycle, cricket kit, hammer nails toys, racing track etc.
Our Current favorite toys are from Mideer

MiDeer toys are designed by experts keeping in mind the child’s psychology. It enhances learning power and develops different motor skills. We got these toys through Edu toys.in

About Edu toys (According to the site)

We’re a one-of-a-kind specialty store with a smart collection of hand-picked, expert-tested, certifiably fun ways to build better brains. Our stores are designed to let you roll up your sleeves and get a little brainy while you play games, solve puzzles, try out gadgets and flip through books to find the right products for you and your favorite brains. Team is chock-full of smart, outgoing people who are passionate about learning new things and creating a fun, interactive environment where customers can reach their brain’s fullest potential. Our toys may not be the flashiest or have built-in touch screens, but they are open-ended to permit children the chance to be their most creative and develop problem-solving skills and self-confidence!

Can Mideer toys actually “make my baby smarter,”?

Proceed with caution. Most products you see in the market looks fancy but all don’t have that capacity to engage your child or increase children’s intelligence. Mi deer toys are high-quality toys which help your child learn more.


MiDeer Wooden Stacking Toy Balance Elephant Wooden Toy

Balance is an essential skill for maintaining controlled positions. It’s not limited to physical activity but we need balance in everyday life or activities such as sitting in a chair, riding a bike, running and much more.

Having balance makes motor skill development easier and helps children focus on academic tasks.

Age appropriate balance and coordination is very important and helps children develop and maintain appropriate controlled body movement during task performance.

During the toddler years, kids make major signs of progress in balance and coordination. You can get this high quality stacking toy for them. Initially, you can ask your child to maintain balance through carts, big toys, big blocks and gradually you can increase the difficulty levels. This wooden stacker is perfect for 2 years old and above. It increases focus, patience, coordination, different skills, confidence, counting, colors and much more.

This will definitely help your child in maintaining appropriate and controlled body movement which is very important in everyday life.

Price – 699 INR

Alphabet Write & Wipe

Our preschoolers need lots of opportunities to practice writing in ways that are age appropriate. I got this wipe & write of Mideer from edutoys. These alphabet practice cards work so well and are a huge hit.

Each card has a great space for the child to trace the upper and lower case letters. At the bottom, there is a cute picture and at the back, there are lines to write on your own.

If you need something innovative for your child then this box is for you as it makes writing so much more exciting.

Price – 1199 INR

Music soothes the soul and learning to play a musical instrument at an early stage can help your child improve skills wanted for education and social interaction.

Mideer harmonica is easy to use with accurate pitch, high quality, perfect design and easy to carry.

Price – 1499 INR


Always prefer toys with no sharp edges or parts, painted with non-toxic paint and easily cleaned. Always choose big toys for children under 3 to avoid choking.

Electric toys should be Underwriters Laboratories approved. Please be with your child while they play to avoid mishappenings.

No matter the age, remember that safety is important. Always follow the child’s lead and interest and don’t go for fancy toys. buying age-appropriate toys is the finest way to assure that your child will have a fun, engaging, interesting and safe childhood.

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