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Light Phir Chali Gayi!!! No Problem, let’s play Antakshari (Musical Game) for time pass. I hope you all remember such amazing days of our childhood. When we used to sing songs, listen to the music, read comics, play different sorts of games like snakes & ladders, badminton, and much more with our family members, cousins, friends, and neighbors. The fundamental…

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15 Things Grandchildren can learn from Grandparents

Grandparents complete the term “Home Sweet Home”. They mould one’s character. Just a small word of concern & love, a touch of care or a loving smile is enough, to make them happy. The relationship between a grandchild and grandparent is an extraordinary one. While grandparents provide unconditional love, they also wield incredible influence. They always help us and guide…

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Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is Amazing

Reasons to Celebrate Valentine’s Day It’s almost that time of year again! February 14 Valentine’s Day is here, which means that I’m excited. Many people think that Valentine’s day is silly and dislikes the day. Few eye rolls, a few shrugged shoulders and a few like me jump in excitement. Am I right? I may sound cheesy but there are innumerable…

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