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When Technology Dominates Your Relationship

“Please put your phone down Mumma” Hearing these words from my son was a painful wake-up call. How had I let the small gadget in my hand take so much of my attention? Yes, it’s amusing that you have the complete Internet at your fingertips, but if you really sit back and think about it, gadgets have kind of ruined…

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10 Best Children’s Day Gift Ideas for Perfect Celebration

Childhood means Fun unlimited. Bounteous shower Of love and care. Realm of imagination. Joy of growing up Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday is observed as Children’s Day in India.Chacha Nehru was extremely popular among kids and had famously remarked that “Children are the future of India”. November 14th is one very special day that deserves a celebration with our little munchkins.…

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Parenting without saying ‘NO’ to kids!

  Properly used, positive reinforcement is extremely powerful. -B.F. Skinner How to say NO positively to your kids??                       Being a parent I have observed that we use ‘NO’ to our children frequently. Once our toddler starts throwing thing we say ‘NO’. They put things in their mouth we say ‘NO’. If we start counting – Our ‘NO’ will be more…

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My FITness Mantra

  All of us new moms wonder at times – “Why can’t I fit into my old clothes? Do I really look FAT? ” We reason out to “I can’t exercise because I have a baby to look after”. I was fenced with innumerable semblance. Remember, we mothers are surrounded with many responsibilities that make us forget who we really…

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