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BreastFeed- The elixir for newborn babies.

From time immemorial it is said and discussed how breast feed is the best feed. According to various studies, it has been established that wherever possible. Breast milk should be the exclusive source of food and nutrition for babies until 6 months. Whether they continue longer or not, is a personal decision, but the first 6 months, breastfeed is the elixir for any baby.  There are some great natural ways to improve breast feed production too.

Why is breastfeed so important?

Did you know Breastfeeding is not just the manner of feeding or the act of imparting the feed? It is an important source for various psychological impacts between a mother and her offspring. There are immense health benefits as well.

Psychological Benefits- 

  • It is said that the bond between a mother and baby gets developed and strong when the baby is breastfed. It helps mothers to deeply connect with their children and for the child to start trusting and believing in the mother. 
  • Lactation period is uniquely human- Breastfeeding or lactation is designed by nature for humans as a means for feed. This is because breastfeeding has high links to regulating hormones in women. Specifically oxytocin and prolactin. This helps deal with post-pregnancy blues and helps a woman recover.
  • It helps a child grow happier, regulates its sleeping patterns, and makes it sunnier.

Health Benefits-

  • Breast feed in the initial days has colostrum milk. It is thick yellow milk that is high in protein, has low sugars, and has nutritional compounds in a bunch. This helps build and strengthen the digestive tract.
  • Further on, breast milk has all nutrition and minerals that can be needed by an infant and are in well-balanced quantities. They are a complete and well-balanced diet for infants. The only thing that an infant may lack is Vitamin D.
  • A mother’s Breast Milk is loaded and high on antibodies. This helps fight infections and diseases like nothing else can. Exclusive Breastfeeding helps in developing a high level of immunity.
  • Giving Breastfeed is also powerful enough to prevent or reduce the dangers of common infant ailments like ear infections, colds, gut infections, allergies.
  • It prevents obesity in infants.

Breastfeed today-

Changing times have contributed to a change in the lifestyle of women. Mothers these days are extremely stressed and under pressure to do the best for their babies. Some of the women are working mothers, who don’t have private space for giving a breastfeed or pumping milk.

Some women are faced with the struggle of poor breast milk supply or low lactation. Such women despite being extremely keen to breastfeed. They can’t due to the low supply of breast milk and mental and emotional pressures. This is when they start looking for natural remedies to increase breast milk or products to increase breast milk. 

The struggle of producing milk is heightened by stress and guilt. The guilt of doing something wrong to prevent a low breast milk supply is immense. Thus impacting production and supply of breast milk, making it difficult to breastfeed

I as a mother understand this struggle and relate to it the most. I have been through it and I can propagate the use of herbs for breastfeeding or using natural medicines for breastfeeding. India is a land with rich ayurvedic herbs that can help increase breast milk flow. These breast milk boosters are completely safe and helpful for the infant.


Shatavari has a scientific name of Asparagus racemosus. An ayurvedic herb promoting well-being for reproductive organs, improving vitality, and having antioxidant properties.  Shatavri is called 100 husbands. Shatavari benefits a woman’s reproductive organs as 100 husbands.

Shatavri powder is known to be very good for breast milk booster. It is completely natural, safe, and tastes good as well.

Breastfeed supplement best brand- Zandu
This is the best brand for powder Shatavari

Zandu Striveda 

When it comes to brands that produce and sell ayurvedic products, I completely and only trust Zandu. From the days of their balm, their pancharisht, I have been a loyalist. Zandu striveda priced affordably at Rs 250, was my go-to solution for increasing breast milk with lactancia powder and herbal supplements.

This is a brand that packages Shatavri, the ayurvedic herb, which holistically heals and improves a woman’s health. It is one of the most powerful galactagogues that is also known as the Queen of herbs. This herb is a known breast milk booster from the mammary glands.

Zandu Striveda on everyday consumption stimulates the production of prolactin and corticoids, which in turn naturally increases breast milk production.

This is completely natural and safe to use without medical advice. Zandu Striveda is taken along with milk. It will help lactating mothers naturally and without any side effects.

Shatavari which is the prime component of Zandu Striveda has numerous uses-

  • One of the most powerful galactagogues that increases breast milk production.
  • Helps overcome fatigue, reduce the stress and corticoid levels in the body.
  • Is a powerful tool to fight heartburns, acid reflux, diarrhea, and inflammation.
  • It is also a natural antidepressant that helps fight off postpartum depression. 

The striveda satavari comes in powder form. And is known to be more effective than taking tablets.

If you go by my experience, then striveda satavari lactation supplement is one of the most powerful and best breast milk booster supplements. It is easily available on Amazon here.

In my opinion, you should go ahead and try it. To know more about fun breastfeed facts, check my post here.

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